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Spring and summer driving destinations.

Hello Tribe.


I have a suggestion for a great spring or summer destination.

Jump in the Hot Rod, Classic, Jalopy and head to Portage MI, Just S of Kalamazoo MI.

There is a great destination called the AirZoo.

It started as a Private collection of WWII planes with animal names, and started with 6 planes.

Needless to say it has blossomed and now includes an SR71 Blackbird and the only F117 Stealth in a non government collection.

They are restoring 3 aircraft currently and you can tour the repair facility.

There are several cars within the displays, as well as a Ford Tripower aircraft.


Well worth it in my humble opinion.




A pretty easy drive from OH, IL, IN, MI.


Enjoy, I did.



Some of the southeastern filming locations for Two Lane Blacktop, Dukes of Hazzard, and Smokey and the Bandit.

Hagerty Fan
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Trailering the 7 to the Colorado to visit family and do some mountain driving. Also preliminary organizational plans for a meeting of similarly powered cars from the general area...probably near Colorado Springs. We’ve enough of the social distancing. 


I need to get back to the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee. There are some great mountain roads up there for driving or riding the motorcycle. That combined with far fewer cars on the road compared to where I live now really makes me miss it. There are times, even though I lived through what was probably the hardest time in my life up there, that central Tennessee just calls to me to come back. 


Southern Ohio River Valley, Near Athens has some great driving roads too.



Here in the north of Ontario a drive along the trans Canada Sudbury to the Sault Ste Marie along Georgian Bay/Lake Michigan crossing into the U.S.A at Mackinaw City then down to Lansing across to Flint across to Sarnia and up the other side is a fantastic cruise but a round trip for us is motels and diners required we are looking forward to the day when we return to some semblance of normal we lived out the lions share of our life near the Buffalo border and spent a great deal of time U.S side (Go Bills) its seems so strange to have restrictions on travel family and friends in P.A/Fla and Lansing and a no go order and at 65 years of age time is flying past how many more years i can actually fold myself up and cram into a C3 for any amount of time is limited and do the distance enclosed trailer behind the King Ranch is a option for sure or shorter trips LOL day trips at this time has been the order of the day.Cheers R