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So much for emissions testing

So approximately fifteen yrs ago, the local pool chem. factory here in Conyers GA, Biolab, had a fire that produced a chemical cloud so big (it actually traveled down I-20 eastbound), that it shut the entire town down for a few days. The last time the chlorine filled chemical cloud made it all the way to New York according to more than one reliable source.


What happened this morning? The exact same thing. This time, however, then chem. cloud traveled westbound down 1-20 straight for Atlanta. Maybe I will get to see the CEO in front of the cameras tonight in an impromptu press meeting once again claiming,"Our safety is world class", while the picture in picture shows his business burning and producing a toxic chem cloud heading straight for a densely populated city. 


I wish I could make stuff like this up.




And stuff like this is what we know of and find out just imagine what goes on we never here about.Cheers

The real joke is emissions testing here in Ohio is a joke. They only require it in a few counties. I guess air does not travel over county lines. 

They also just check to see if you have a code. Now here is where it gets interesting. 

Ohio got the settlement money from the tobacco industry. So that money was applied to pay for our emissions testing. Yes it is free. But!


Might want to note that those who passed the law to use the money to pay for the testing are the same people who are invested in the company doing the testing. 

Nice scam if you can set it up and they did. 

Might not Ohio’s largest city Columbus is in Franklin county. Guess who is exempt from testing? 


Here in Ontario Canada about 14 years ago the feds mandated our fuel to be up to California spec so a huge increase in cost at that time I lived close to the U.S border and crossed to buy fuel , N.Y state and at that time most of the U.S.A did not adopt California spec and possibly still dont i guess pollution does not cross borders as we continue to get shafted on fuel prices and burn fuel that is legal on the west coast.

I will try not to get too political on gas prices. Here's the deal though. At least here in the U.S., gasoline is the only thing you purchase that does not break down how much of that cost is in taxes. Why? Because if people actually were able to physically see on regulAR basis how much of that cost was taxes, they would be livid. 


I remember when the fuel prices, I think it was around 2005, spiked from $1.39/gal to over $3 in an hour. I remember my brother in law calling me and telling me, "Gas just jumped up almost $2/gal. You better go fill your tank." I tried to explain to him the laws of supply and demand (that you "hold" when prices go up, and buy when prices are low), and it was just lost on him. As it was most o the people that I saw in these long lines for gas on the drive home from work. I had 7/8 of a tank in the '88 T-bird I was driving at the time so I drove for two more weeks (the 3.8 would get just shy of 500 miles to a tank) all the while watching those numbers on the gas station marquess keep dropping on a daily basis.