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New Driver

SMH Hagerty!


 I think this is in poor taste to all the Mustang lovers that are insured through you it's fine to have your opinion about the Camaro but don't make a big deal about the Mustang and then slam it at the same time. NEWLY EX HAGERTY CUSTOMER!!!

Hagerty Employee

Hi there. I’m the author of the article you’re referencing. I intended it to be lighthearted and tongue-in-cheek. An impression of the sort of over-the-top, deeply opinionated arguments you have with car-loving friends. 

To clear the air: I do love Camaros—that’s no joke—but I don’t seriously think Mustangs are awful. I actually think many of them are awesome! I’m also aware our favorite cars have a whole lot in common, and that they’re each better because of the competition with the other. My love of Camaros is based on mostly subjective things, like rides with my father and late-grandfather, who both owned multiple F-bodies when I was young. I’m guessing your love for Mustangs comes from a similar place, and I know many share your love for that car. Our goal with the 25 Greatest Mustangs package was to honor your passion, while also having a bit of fun. The last thing we intended was to make you feel bad about your car. 

New Driver

I’m not sure the author understands classic car ownership. Since Hagerty believes “Mustangs are awful”, I will find someone else to insure mine. 

New Driver

I don’t believe that I have seen any other Hagerty article insult an entire class of cars. It is interesting that they decided to start being “cute” with Mustangs.