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New Driver

Six month window of manufacturing VINS and engines.

Is there increased value of a vehicle if an engine is installed that was original to them model, and within six months of the auto vin?

For example, a 1970 Torino, original 351 C is long gone, currently a 302 installed.

Locate a model appropriate engine manufactured within 6 months of the car.

Would it be more valuable?   

Community Manager

From what (little) I have seen, an engine of the same year will increase value over than any other replacement 351C engine. Of course the original engine is always the most desirable and valuable. This may not matter on a 1970 Torino, as they don't have the rabidly loyal and detail oriented followings of cars like Corvettes. 


If you can find a 351C that's close to the original VIN, great! But honestly I wouldn't sweat it unless you are trying to make a museum piece.