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Intermediate Driver

Single car or a collection

You have 250k to spend (it doesn't really matter if its $US, £ Sterling or Euros) do you buy one supercar/great classic or say 5 cars; for example a 100k supercar, a 60k classic, 40k veteran and the rest on a couple of fun classics.  

With one car you only need a single garage, have just one annual insurance payment, plus one annual maintenance bill (if you are lucky), but they may all be big bills. 

A 5 car (or maybe more) collection gives you a range of driving experiences, chances to attend a range of events and potentially more fun (or grief when things go wrong). Plus you need a BIG garage to house the collection. 

So, what would you do and what would you buy.

Hagerty Employee

great question! i'd go with a collection of 5 over 1 diamond any day of the week. reason being versatility, giving me a few classics that always fire up and some to work on at the same time. both equally rewarding pursuits to ownership, with less pressure than keeping the only fine gem polished at all times. space would get tough, but, could i delegate 15-20k into the addition 😉 also, insuring a collection of more than one car will be far cheaper with the multicar discounts involved, even if the overall valuation is the same. couldn't even begin to wrack my brain around which 5, but likely a muscle car, a few pickups from the 50s/60s, and a few JDMs 

Community Manager

Hmm...I wonder if that much money would get me a warehouse full of $5000-ish examples of Ford's Fox Chassis (i.e. no Mustang SVT Cobras, for starters). That would be perfection for me.

Use 40K to build a nice garage/ warehouse say 60x40 ft.

Then i would buy all the cars i loved and lost.

TR8, Spitfire, Golf GTI, 944, corvette C4, Jag, Fiero GT, fox body mustang notch back.


To Name a few.



Intermediate Driver

Thanks for the replies. The suggestion that you build the garage with some of the cash is a great idea. Especially as I have already sort ff answered my own question, as I currently have 6 cars. These range from my daily driver (Jaguar XJR with 215k miles on the clock) to the 1926 Bayliss Thomas Speedster. 


Kind of an impossible question (too many variables AND unknowns) but I'll play. If I had no other "fun cars" I'd probably purchase two vehicles, since I have two cars already that I can't justify (and assuming I have to spend the $250k or lose it) I'd just buy one that I really liked, that wasn't any more of a project than the usual "it's a 50-60 year old car, of course something else needs to be done" routine. 

Sajeev, we usually seem to think alike on most topics, but should I ever have a half dozen Fox Mustangs drop into my lap, you can have have them. Just pay the shipping and any gift/inheritance taxes 😉


As much as I would love a Ferrari the care and feeding does not stop at the purchase price. 

I think I could be happy with a variety of different models to enjoy that are easier and cheaper to maintain. 

I would keep my Fiero. Next I would buy a 59 Corvette and C8. I then would find something old and simple like a model T. Then I would build one Street  Rod coupe. 



I already have four classic cars. I would build a garage to end all garages complete with lifts, metal shop, tire machine, brake lathe, paint booth, and a nice parts board like the motorcycle shop I worked at with outlines for all of my specialty tools (Mopar upper balljoint tool for example). Oh yeah, I almost forgot, AIR CONDITIONING/climate controls.


Well there ARE two cars. I would have to build a replica of the Phantasm 340 'Cuda and the Vanishing Point Challenger. 

Advanced Driver

neither. i build my 'dream car' from sketch to roller, soup to nuts. why do anything else?


Yep multi car collection of North American late sixties/seventy's Muscle cars i know how to work on them economically and luv the cars of that era at the time too young to be able to buy one just stand in town and drool watching them drive past.Cheers
Intermediate Driver

Thanks for the replies. Time to own up - I currently own the following in age order. 1926 Bayliss Thomas (fully running and road worthy), 1930 Ford Sporting Trials car (basically a load of parts), 1968 Lotus S4 Elan (all there and in need of a complete rebuild as it hasn't run for 30+ years), 1974 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible (running but not "on the road"), 1987 Callaway Corvette (currently for sale), 2006 Jaguar XJR (215,000 miles on the clock and my daily driver), 2010 Jaguar XKR for special occasions such as going to Le Mans. What I feel I need is a focus / plan of action as the number of cars is greater than the available storage space. NITRO450EXP - your suggestion is the best so far, but land prices where I live make this close to impossible. Oh for the space you guys have in the USA.


I think we take our open areas for granted at times. Although, here in Conyers, GA, it seems like anywhere there is green space, there are at least five developers willing to clear it off and build a strip mall that will sit empty long enough that it will get filled with fly by night churches and vape stores. I fail to see how that improves the quality of life. My school teacher friend sent me a pic of student with one of the best tshirts ever. It read,"Conyers, GA. We're winning the war on trees "


I am fortunate, as I have 11 Acres of land, Mostly trees, My current workshop is 36'x64'.

I need a larger one, as it is full, 2 classics, 1 tow rig, 2 motorcycles, tools, 1 ATV and 2 daily drivers.

We do have land here in USA, that is for sure, and out trees are safe, for now.


I like the idea of setting up a full workshop inside a new building, would be nice.