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Satisfying gamers to stay home, Steam offers a big promotion with dozens of top games

Just spend a reasonable amount of money, you can add to your collection a series of extreme gaming titles.
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Set in the 17th century Japan, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun will take you back to the feudal period, where the island nation is still under Shogun rule. After many bloody struggles, the strongest Shogun united the vassals. He aspires to maintain a peace and stability throughout Japan. And to do this, he recruited a team of assassins of five members tasked with assassinating rebel forces, eliminating all the seeds that threaten the power of the Shogun.

From here, the game is started with your task to control this assassin group. The gameplay of Shadown Tactics is true to the style of the legendary Commandos ever with the control of the character with the view from above.

With a gameplay that is full of thought and equally attractive by the spectacular action, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is indeed a great descendant for the fans of Commandos. In a new mantle, a legend has been recreated with a completely new ninja style, an Asian style.


Black Desert

Black Desert is an online game that introduces players to a vast open world, allowing gamers to freely explore, move back and forth between all lands. What is more special is that thanks to the beautiful graphics, the map in the Black Desert is very well designed, thorough with many features that players can explore, such as the types of materials scattered on the map. , which players can collect to craft, equip, or perform quests.

Black Desert offers players a semi-non-target system for players, there are skills you can non-target, but there are some skills that require the player to target the target to execute.
In Black Desert, characters can be equipped with up to 12 items, including 2 types of weapons, 4 types of armor and 6 accessories (earrings, rings, necklaces ...). However, Black Desert does not provide equipment enhancement, but instead, players will only be able to "socket" to add jewels to increase the sub-stats of their equipment, which is known as the "Black". Stone ".

In addition to increasing the stat points for equipment (strength, HP, armor ...), the Black Stone can also increase the drop rate, drop money from monsters, minimize the possibility of being knocked back, stunned ... These types of Black Stone players can earn from fighting monsters, doing missions