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Intermediate Driver

Rusty relic

Can anyone tell me what this abandon car is?  My friend did a bicycle ride from Washington to New York a couple of years ago, and during his travel in the northwest states he photographed this as the only car he shot during his ride.  I just don't recognize what it may be.


Thank you for any help you can provide.  He also has the photograph available if anyone would like a professional copy in a number of sizes.What abandon car is it?What abandon car is it?

Community Manager

Boy that is a tough one!  It's missing just enough to make it impossible for me, but someone with more experience with 1930s cars will chime in and help! 

Hagerty Employee

I think what's there is an Austin A40, which was Austin's first postwar production car, from 1947-1952.  Based on the flat/non-split windshield and general shape of the cowl, and the integrated lights.  I'm also fairly certain you can see the shape at the lower rear of the front fender, and imagine the line of the Austin's hood.  

Intermediate Driver

You're great!  I wouldn't have expected to have something from England found in a field in a northwestern state.  When my friend gets back with me I'll try and fill you in on what state it was.  Thanks again.