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Rest In Peace Eddie Van Halen

I know it's not a music forum, but how many of us have automotive memories that are also tied to music. For me, it's just about every one. I can remember being 10 yrs. old and my older cousin, Donnie banging through the gears hard in his 70 1/2 split bumper Z28 while Fair Warning was playing from his cassette deck. Yep, it seemed like he would hit the rewind button every time Mean Street and Unchained were playing. I didn't even know there were more songs than those two until I got my own copy. 


As a guitarist, Eddie influenced pretty much everything I did and still do. R.I.P, Mr. Van Halen. The world of guitar lost one of it's greatest talents yesterday. 


He will be missed. 


It is just sad he was lost too soon as we were cheated out by his vices. We lose too many great artist this way. 


I am just glad to see he and Sammy got back on good terms for the last year. 


I still remember Running With The Devil lead in blasting going in and out of the high school parking lot in my 63 Galaxie. It may have looked like Andy Griffiths police car but with a set of Ansen black spokes and Van Halen it was hell on wheel. 




LOL. I love it. My first high school car was a '77 LTDII. With the Alpine blasting out Eruption it may as well have been my '69 Sport Satellite I got the following year.