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R.I.P. Mr. Yeager

I just found out that Chuck Yeager passed yesterday. Ironic considering the date. I remember as a kid watching him on the AC Delco commercials. It wasn't until I saw "The Right Stuff" that I learned about his daring as a pilot as well as his service to our country. I don't think the bravery, grit, and determination of guys like him will EVER be matched. Rest in peace, Mr. Yeager.

Intermediate Driver

During one of my "targeted" book reading spells, I devoured everything that I could find about Mr. Yeager's exploits. "The Right Stuff" remains as one of my favorite movies, that also helped to spread knowledge of his contributions to flight and aircraft development in the U.S.   


I like the story of him downing an aircraft without firing a shot. He basically played chicken with the bomber pilot and the bomber pilot lost his nerve banked and hit another bomber if my memory serves me correctly on that one. Don't quote me, but after

reading interviews of other pilots, as well as watching a few of Chuck, I could see him doing that. Another story that I always got a kick out of was one of the other test pilots he flew with talking about how he was in one of the early jets, and Yeager goes by him inverted flipping him a bird in a P-51.  


Well said, Loved the book "The Right Stuff", A Legend has passed. RIP, Brigadier General Yeager.


Bob was not just a great pilot but a great person. Many don’t realize he was a war hero long before he became a test pilot. 

Everyone should read his biography and the book Biography of his wing man Bob Hoover. These are two of the greatest pilots we ever had and they were best friends. 

He will be missed!


I will definitely check out BOTH of those.


They still talk in. Charleston WV about him flying his Mustang under a bridge on the Kanawha river. 

What is interesting is the Charleston Airport is named for Chuck and is the Airport Don Yenko died in an air crash.