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Questions concerning the upcoming Concours d'Lemons car show...

It's about that time of year again, and for folks here who might be attempting to venture into/are regular attendants of Concours d'Lemons (and oh yeah, all of that other boring-in-comparison Monterey Car Week stuff), and if you are venturing into the Monterey area from out of state...where does one sleep overnight?


Empty a child's college fund and find a place in Monterey? Find cheaper lodging in Salinas? Find even cheaper lodging further out? Drive in really really fast from the state of Kansas on the morning of the event?

Camping is impossible because, well, um, uh, I really don't like camping, unless my tent just happens to be the same overall size, shape, density, sound absorption, and the indoor plumbing and HVAC of at least a 4.4-rated, 100-room hotel.

I know I've probably bombed out from being able to attend this year, but I've been curious, and I haven't researched this sort of thing since before Covid.

Any thoughts?