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Play Classic Car Bingo

It's time for some Classic Car Bingo! Save the photo attached, circle the cars that you’ve driven, and then post your Bingo in the comments. Good luck!


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Hagerty Employee

I've driven a lot of these, but to get a BINGO I had to take it right up the middle!

1. Chevrolet Impala- Drove a friend's 1994 Impala SS, which as I recall did a mean burnout.

2. Ford Mustang- I've owned a bunch of these! Two from 1965 (C-code 2+2 and a C-code coupe) , a 1966 A-code GT coupe, then three of 'em from 1967 consisting of an S-code Coupe, an S-code GT fastback, and simple T-code coupe. Really love Mustangs. 

3. Chevrolet Bel Air- One of my Great Race friends in Kentucky made sure I got time behind the wheel of their '57, I'll never forget looking down that hood!

4. Ford Bronco- Got to spend some time with Hagerty's own early Bronco on the road in Monterey, California. Fantastic.

5. Subaru WRX- I'll never forget hooning it up on a snow covered parking lot in a first-gen WRX back in Colorado! 



New Driver


New Driver


Wow...I've been a gearhead for way too long.


New Driver


First line across.

A friend's thunder chicken, VW-I had 2 for about 12 years, Several Impalas, 383 4 spped Cuda, C-1,2,3,5, my C3 was 435 HP., 

Line 2 -  SLs- 190, 300 Gullwing, 500,Several Mustangs, '67 GT500 convertable.

Line 3 - 64 or 65 Cevelle with Fed plates = no cops, Pinto , 57 Conv. Bel Air, 911 only if we count a 930.

Row 4 - GT350- a couple, including Shelby's convertable, Pickups - I do live in Texas!  Supra, tricked turbo 400+ HP, fun.

Line 5 zilch.

Intermediate Driver

Second row vertical, nailed it:

1. VW Beetles I was a salesman at a VW dealer, last year of the US Beetle. Sad.

2. Fairlane Got in trouble for test driving a Thunderbolt off the sales lot. Chirped the tires when I did the 3-4 shift at over a hundred.

3. Pinto Had one briefly as a company car. Yuk!

4. CK Chevy, I used to borrow one to tow my race car trailer.

5. Goat, As a newly licensed driver I traveled cross country with my best friends parents in the GTO convertible that they took over the payments on for their oldest son.

No speed limits in Nevada in those days. When they were napping I was doing over a hundred.

New Driver

Driven: Firebird, Beetle, Impala, Barracuda, Corvette (BINGO!)

Mercedes SL, Mustang, Charger, GT500

Chevelle, Pinto, Bel Air, 911, RX-7 (BINGO!)



Owned: Beetle, Corvette, Mustang, GT500, RX-7, GT350

Currently Own: GT500 convertible (BINGO!) and Porsche 968 convertible (Better than most 911's-BINGO!)