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Community Manager

Need help for my column (not steering column)

Hey everyone!  Not sure how many people read the content published on Hagerty Media but I have a weekly advice column, Piston Slap, that is a Q&A for just about anything related to cars. Right now I need more questions to answer!


I've covered everything from Blue Flame C1 Corvettes not getting fuel, to a 1980 Buick that needs to be transported from Egypt back to the good 'ol USA.  


If you wanna join in on the fun, email me at so we can tell a good story and enlighten people on the interweb together! 

Advanced Driver

Although a steering column would be a great topic......Stock, IDIDIT, etc......some of us and I mean me.....may be a little challenged  with the technical aspects of everything automotive. At my age I would not be a good source for advice other than my experience with old cars and a good work shop manual.

Community Manager

@hyperv6 Would love to cover it, send me the question because this is a Q&A type of deal. I'm really not in the state of mind to write fake questions for my column, but if all else fails I guess I might have to! 🙂

Advanced Driver

WRLotus, I have used fix-a-flat and the results were mixed. The first experience was returning from Biloxi Miss. Crusin' the Coast. Used it on the spare tire of my beloved 63 Ford Falcon SPRINT. After mounting the spare it was found to be low and I used the stuff as a substitute for air. It got me home. The last time I had to use it was returning from Daytona Beach (speed week) motorcycle rally. Spent the night in FT. Lauderdale and found the back tire on my bike flat ( a nail that I left in the tire). A near by auto parts store had some on the shelf. I bought a can designed for RV's.(it was a big can). I had the bike running and after injecting the stuff I took off as fast as I could for distribution. Otherwise it just makes a glob inside the tire. It lasted all the way to Gulf Shores Alabama before I had to air it up.  I always keep a can of it in all my vehicles now. Better safe than sorry. As to your concern about leaving a bid gob of goo......YES it will. Try to get moving and the wheel rotating as soon as you can after injecting your tire.

Advanced Driver

Hey Sajeev, Please don't do anything fake. The media will take care of that. Lets keep it real. If this column don't get many responses then start another. I learn allot here and enjoy the comments and advice. Thanks and Happy new year.

Intermediate Driver

Thanks for that, jonZ. It always helps  hear the voice of experience. 


I'll keep on carrying a can of the stuff around in each of the cars just in case it's needed as a last resort. And try to remember to replace the can every few years since it won't have an indefinite shelf life.


The other thing that might help is that when I go on a long trip I usually leave the useless spare at home and use the space for my roadside repair kit. That includes a 12V air pump to adjust pressures but could be used to keep a tire up if it is losing air slowly. And I agree with your approach of leaving the nail, or whatever, in the tire until it can be fixed properly. Taking it out just leaves a bigger hole in the tire.  

Advanced Driver

WRLotus, Thanks for the reply. I have made repairs with tubeless tire plugs/kits at home when I was young and BROKE! Not a very safe option but at the time it was all I could do. The 12v air pump along with the fix a flat is a main stay in all our vehicles now. What's the old saying?........ounce of prevention better that a pound of cure. At my age now I'll take roadside service any day! No pun intended but a flat tire is a sinking feeling. My wife and I both drive extended cab trucks for our dailies and the spare is a B---h to get to. 

Intermediate Driver

jonZ, I'm with you on the roadside assistance. The best way to deal with a flat is to watch someone else fix it on a dry, level concrete floor.


There are a bunch of things I did when young and broke that seemed reasonable,and even kind of fun, back in the day that I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole now. I don't like to be foolish with my money but I have learned that there is a lot of truth in the observation that there's no substitute for cubic dollars.

Community Manager

@jonZ don't worry I will never make fake questions!  


I have tried to send you a question but it keeps coming back or the link is dead. 


Here is the question. When charging an AGM battery what is the proper way to charge it and if I don't have an AGM charger is there a way to charge it with a conventional charger? 


This should help with how to use an AGM charger and how to link a battery in to use a conventional charger. 


Ultima has a lot of good tech on this if you need to have a tech resource to link to the story. Also many people here use these batteries so it may be a good one to use. 


Ultima Customers tend to also be the ones I get the call from most on so called failed batteries when it really is just a battery too low to work with a conventional charger and they just don't know what to do. 

Community Manager

Thank you @hyperv6, I emailed it to myself (since I live via Outlook these days) and I will add it to the queue.  Not sure why it didn't work for you, I am getting a fair bit of questions today (I asked for the same request to be submitted internally in Hagerty's intranet).  BTW, I will probably have a Fiero question for you in the coming weeks. 🙂