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My ramble on the 1964 Galaxie and why I love it.

Is it obnoxiously late? Yes.

Am I about to ramble on about my favorite yacht? See answer to Question #1.


The 1964 Ford Galaxie is somewhat of a dream car to me. Actually, all of the 1964 Fords could technically fill this spot, especially the Falcon. But, that's another ramble for another day. 


The 64' Galaxie is my favorite year for the Ford Galaxie because, well look at it. Long, sleek lines from end to end. Beautifully round tail lights, a fastback roof that screams speed, and 17 feet of pure gorgeous. It looks just so damn cool. The appearance is split a 50/50 split of business and "business". If your business is roasting tires, of course. I could spend an eternity talking about this year of Fords. 


Now let's talk about engines. Now, you can't have a boat without an anchor, so the 390/427 FEs look pretty correct in the engine bay. However, everything from sixes to literal racing engines were available on the order sheet. Now, assuming you ticked the correct boxes, you could get a HiPo "muscle car" years before the real HiPo muscle cars were released(yes, I'm aware that full size coupes aren't muscle cars in the technical definition, but that's why muscle car is in quotes). 


Honestly, I don't wanna continue this rant any longer because the monster I drank an hour and a half ago is beginning to ware off, and I can't find the motivation to make a cup of coffee. 


Everyone, take care and have a lovely Easter weekend!


Strikes a chord one of my first cars I actually had on the road in the OH Day original Ford robins egg blue yep great car so much chrome even on the inside and a front seat like a couch Cruise O Matic transmission and the FE under the hood what a great car too bad I was young and just beat the car to death,but I did gain some degree of mechanical knowledge changing transmissions on stands on a old garage cement slab no building just a floor jack and uneven concrete, of course looking back wish I wasn't so much of a butt head back then it was a nice car but my eye was on owning a muscle car but my income didnt match my desires but with patients and not going out and blowing all my cash on weekends the dream turned to reality,the poor old Galaxie was by then crushed and melted down.Cheers R

Community Manager

I can't agree more, but that's probably because my first car was a '65 Galaxie. Of course the 65's styling had a lot of foreshadowing to what cars will look like in the 1970s, but hey, I am good with that.  


The 63-1/2 and 64's are my all time favorite Galaxies. ( in the 500 XL trim). I think styling more than anything else. I've never owned one but my 63 Falcon Sprint reminded me of a miniature Galaxie... style-wise. I shoulda kept that car. After 64 the lines were not as muscular but tended to go to the square/ boxy style. My 64 Falcon Futura is like that but I think it carries it better than the Galaxie. Of course in 1966 all that changed for the Falcon. Mustang was the **bleep** of the walk for Ford by then. It took em awhile (until 1970-1/2) but they eventually killed off the Falcon for fear their beloved mustang sales would suffer.   

Advanced Driver

I definitely like the 1964 Falcon over Mustang. The Monte Carlo Falcons look dope and I'd kill to have a clone of them.