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My love letter to Honda

I think I can safely say I'm very different to most of the people here on the Hagerty Forums. Other than the fact I can't drive and don't own a car, I think I have very different tastes to the people here. While I absolutely adore classic muscle cars, I'd think I've begun to lean more on Japanese cars of a similar vintage. The Datsun 240z, Mazda RXs, and Toyota Celicas have taken my interest hard compared to Mustangs and Camaros of the era. But while my tastes shift, there is a brand I've always loved, and will always adore. Honda.


My family has been driving Hondas since I was in the womb. My moms car during medical school was an Si hatch, and the replacement to her beloved Z3 was a Honda Odyssey when she had my older brother. I grew up around those minivans, perfectly sized for a 5 person family. When my dad wanted to get a replacement for his old Hyundai, he got an Accord V6 coupe in this beautiful brown color with a black leather interior. My aunt drove around a toddler me in an 8th gen Honda Civic that was sadly totaled almost a decade ago. 


Now that's just within my family. The days of my dad's Accord are long since gone, he ended up replacing it with a used Mercedes C350 back in 2017. My mom now has a black 2018 Honda Pilot, that's given her more trouble than it's worth. But to give credit where credit is due, that Honda, or any we've owned, is yet to break down. 


But growing up around Hondas have only made me nostalgic for mid to late 2000s sedans and minivans. My love for Honda also comes from this great thing called Youtube. 


My introduction to classic Honda comes from Regular Car Reviews, the raunchiest "car youtuber" to exist. I put car youtuber in quotes because he really isn't one. Sure, he talks about the driving dynamics and the history and whatever, but that isn't the main meal, it's the appetizer. Their schtick is talking about what kind of person would buy a car, and the world that car would've existed in. His episode on a Camry wagon and Oldsmobile Bravado are pretty great examples of that. 


RCR did an episode on an old Civic hatchback. Just a base model, poor mans spec, Civic hatchback. The episode was pretty funny, but the Civic, it was kinda cool in a weird way. In the same way greasers looked at old Fords and decide to mod them into street machines, I looked at that Civic and thought "wow that could look really cool with x". Next thing you know, I'm on the Philadelphia craigslist searching for EF Hatchbacks. Then I saw the Fitment industries episode on the Civic, talking about what you can do to them modifications wise. Then I was on r/Honda looking at other peoples modded Civics. Was I in love? Maybe.


But I refused to accept it. Like my relationship with 80s club music, I refused to believe I liked Hondas. Every time my friends and I saw a fart canned Civic, I'd be the first to crack a joke. Every CTR became a "hurr durr factory ricer" meme. The only Honda I'd even give my attention to was the S2K and NSX because "they're real sports cars." Yeah ok idiot. 


I've matured since then. As a "mature" 14 year old boy, I can certainly say I love Hondas. Once I begin to make some money, I definitely think a Civic Si four door will be at the top of my list. And to Honda, thank you for making some damn good cars.

Community Manager

You have a interesting take (for us older folks) on Hondas, but it makes sense. People my age believed Hondas were the pinnacle of reliability, durability and fun driving, and most of that was true. I couldn't believe how expensive they were when I was a kid (read this to find out why) but I certainly appreciated the look, feel, engineering and finesse in their products at the time. Now when I sit in a Honda they feel like nothing special, and their quality no longer seems significantly better than their competition. Honestly, half the time I sit in a new Honda and I think some American and Korean brands do things better, for about the same price. 


They are trading on the reputation of their past, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but the good old days of Hondas being clearly the best cars in their classes have gone by the wayside. Well, at least for me. 

Hagerty Employee

Never let someone elses opinion influence the things you love. As a fellow Honda nerd, I know where you are coming from, and its easy to get discouraged when people make fun of you and the things you like. I have owned 4 different generations of Civic, an Integra, and now an S2000. As much as I love the S2000, and I would never consider giving it up, there is something so visceral about a B-swapped EF, but they are becoming increasingly hard to find, and more expensive.  I think youre on a good track with a newer 4 door Si. The FA5 is an awesome chassis and they are quite affordable. Plus, K20. It warms my heart that there are still some younger people out there carrying the torch.


I love the 8th gen Si Sedan. Always thought the coupe looked a little wonky. 


Respect. Go with what you like. I would still like to have a '95 240sx. I don't care if they were considered underpowered for the chassis. They looked great.


As far as Hondas go , I always liked the looks of the late 80s Preludes. Nice driving cars as well.