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New Driver

Motor Trend Free subscription

Hi there. Was the Motor Trend digital subscription limited to 1 year?  I m being asked to subscribe and pay now. Is there somewhere where we can check?  Thanks. 


Pit Crew

I am also being asked to buy a subscription as of yesterday, even though I was watching shows the night before and I have the email saying my subscription was renewed in Feb. 2021.

New Driver

Add me to that 'wondering' list as well.  Interestingly enough all mention of MT is now gone from the Hagerty website.

Community Manager

@Evan67  @larry208 I am sorry for the confusion, as this is an automated email MotorTrend sends to all users at renewal, even those who access their service through Hagerty. You cannot be charged/renewed because you did not add a credit card to your account, nor do we share credit card information.


The only possible way you can be charged is if you log in and added a credit card on Motor Trend's website. If that happened, you can reach Motor Trend's help desk via

Community Manager

Hi there, I checked with the folks at the Hagerty Driver's Club to confirm that the Motor Trend subscription was for one year only. After their year is up they will be asked (by Motor Trend, not Hagerty) if they’d like to renew into a paid subscription.


You can reach out to to check on your subscription date. They can then tell you when the free trial began and clarify when the paid subscription will begin (if you choose to do so). 

New Driver



So, the email was incorrect when it said it was automatically renewed?

Community Manager

Yes, it is incorrect because it's an automated email that Motor Trend sends to all of its users when the term ends, even the ones that access them via Hagerty. Since you did not pay for their service, nor did you give them your credit card they cannot automatically bill you. We do not give credit card information out, so the only way you can be charged is if you log in and add a credit card yourself. 


If you have any further concerns with the Motor Trend email, you can contact them at

I watched the first batch of Top Gear America episodes and just went on to catch the latest one.  It seems I need to subscribe now.  Oh well.  It was good enough to catch up on Fifth Gear Episodes I had not seen before.  $5 a month it isn't worth it.