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Meet 1/4 of my Corvair equation

My love for the Corvair isn’t exactly hidden. Nor do I make an effort to hide it. With my boss giving me the engine out of his 62’ forward control, I’m gonna attempt to get it running and maybe find the rest of equation. All it really needs is a starter and carburetors



As I get the money to fix it, I’ll make some update posts. Now it needs a name. 

Community Manager

No don't give it a name! 

I mean, I get why people name things they own, I've even given things nicknames in the past that were tongue-in-cheek and not necessarily positive. Nor are they words you can say in mixed company without people looking at you funny. 🙂 


Anyway, I'm just not one of those people because the factory name for cars and car parts is good enough for me, 99% of the time. 


If it runs it is a Corvair engine. If it fails to run it is SOB.  See it is that simple. 

I name kids and dogs but not cars or car parts. To name a car Tony or LuLu is just odd to me. But that is just me. 

I do get how race teams name cars as with them looking alike you needs something. 

I had a Corvair engine we removed from a car once for a kit car the boss never built. I was wanting to see if it runs.


A can of gas and a battery I just fired it up on the floor. I made sure it was out of gear and since we cut the car up around the wires I just turned the key. 

It is fun just running an engine just sitting there. 


Or a POS. Whatever expletive makes you feel better if it fails to do what you want it to.