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Advanced Driver

Let's talk about car youtubers

If you've spent any time under the hood of a car, or learning about a car, you've inevitably seen a youtube video on cars. Car youtubers have existed since the dawn of youtube, and have always occupied a niche in the community and on YT.


Do you wanna see the personification of a C5 owner review cars? Then Doug Demuro is your man. Does seeing perfect condition muscle cars shred tires tickle your fancy? Then MuscleCaroftheWeek has your back. Point being is that there are so many different car youtubers, so I wanna talk about some of my favorits


Regular Car Reviews

Not exactly for the faint of heart, but Regular Car Reviews is my favorite car Youtuber of all time. Comedic, informative, and sometimes strange, RCR has been reviewing cars since 2012. It's ran by two people- Brian (the voice and face) and Roman (man behind the camera and script). The pair have clearly found a niche, reviewing not only the cars, but the people who'd own them and some of their own personal anecdotes. On their episode on the 1993 Camry Wagon, Brian talks about the first time he felt truly free from adult control when himself and friends went to a 7-11 before band practice When he drove a 1963 convertible Galaxie, he talks about the world that Galaxie existed in, and how he felt a sense of contextual guilt. RCR's reviews are less about the car and more about what each car represents. It's beautiful. 


Muscle Car of the Week

Vroom vroom, we're learning about classic Americana. Muscle Car of the Week, or just MCW, drives and discusses the history of classic muscle cars. While they've been silent the last couple of months, the older episodes absolutely hold up. They discuss muscle cars from the 60s, and every episode they do a couple of smokey burnouts. I give them credit for teaching me a lot about classic muscle cars. 


Donut Media

While I've been pretty harsh towards them recently due to a noticeable shift in the writing style in some of their shows, I still have a soft spot for Donut Media. Bumper 2 Bumper, Money Pit, Hi/Low, there are so many great shows being pumped out. The hosts are usually pretty funny, the content is informative and entertaining, and the shows themselves are very well made. Personally, I love Bumper 2 Bumper. The episode on the Bozosoko styled scooters is an absolute classic and introduced me into a whole new world of car culture. Hi/Low gave me the reality check that project cars a lot more than just "screw in x to fix y". 


So those are some of my favorite car youtube channels. If you have any channels you'd like to recommend, leave them down below. 

Community Manager

Doug's attention to detail is amazing, and thankfully he assigns the "Doug Scores" at the end so I don't have to watch that. But I really enjoy Savagegeese and AlexonAutos for new car reviews, as they are thoughtful and detailed. Curious Cars is great for 70s-up car reviews, and I also like Wheelsboy (American in China reviewing cars we would never see otherwise). 


Donut Media is pretty good, as I am hooked on the pop-up headlights song. I watch most of RCR's videos, though i have to skip ahead a lot because I don't necessarily agree with his personification of the owner of said car. When he really screwed the pooch on his rant about oil on the Ford Ranger video, he owned up to it and re-did it, which is admirable and impressive. 


The big question on my mind is: What YouTubers do you avoid like the plague? 

Advanced Driver

I can definitely understand why people don't like RCR. His videos can definitely seem pretentious or downright offensive. Personally, I avoid channels that are just "buy expensive car and do expensive car things." I wanna hear a story about an owner whos passionate and truly cares about their machine, not some 25 something year old who makes a quick buck by hooning his supercars. 

Community Manager

Oh yeah, I didn't even think about those "Why buy a 2 year old Camry when you can get a 10 year old AMG S-class Mercedes for the same price" YouTube channels.  I understand the appeal, but that's absolutely not for me.  Or the "I bought the cheapest (insert exotic here) and watch what happens next" channels. 


When do you go to school?

Advanced Driver

Right now, but I usually write these when I do work from home or when I've got a break. 

Intermediate Driver

New car reviews for me go to Chad Haire. No bs from the man....funny in his own way.