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Intermediate Driver

Leno and cars with stories.

Jay got it right! The best cars are the ones with great stories behind them. I bet we all have a story to tell but find it hard to put them into words. I have a story to tell behind every car I've ever owned. Some are worth telling and some are not printable! I wish Jay could have my beloved 58 MGA and the 63 Falcon Sprint and maybe the TR6 I got after my stint in the USNavy... but they have gone on to other owners with the promise that I get first dibs when and if they tire of them. The MGA is the car I learned to drive in back in 1964 (under age at 10). My sons also learned to drive in it back in the 90's when Dad and I restored it. The Sprint was my Dream car that my youngest son and I restored for his high school years.  Keep the stories and the cars alive! I think of my Grandpa with his falcons and sayings..."They don't make em like that anymore"! Well I guess my stories, for the future, will center around my current 64 Futura hard top and 63 Futura Convertible.