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Join Hagerty for a Drive at Dawn!

20-4410-US-EVT-2020 Digital Pebble - Drive at Dawn_Landing Page Header_1920x1080.jpg


The tradition continues on with Hagerty Dawn Patrol! We'll miss seeing you in person this year for coffee and donuts in Monterey, CA but that won't stop us from celebrating the joy of driving the cars we love. And earning a coveted hat in the process.


Set your alarm for Sunday, 16 August 2020 and take a drive between 6-9 a.m.

  • Snap a photo of you in front of your car before or after your drive.
  • Reply to this post to share your photo the same day. (Photo attaching tutorial here.)
  • We’ll send you a 2020 limited edition Drive at Dawn hat.


Whether this is your 7th hat or your first, with this time honored tradition you'll join the ranks of a magical club of car lovers  - and hey, you can always nap later!


Learn more about the history of Hagerty Dawn Patrol here.


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Intermediate Driver

Intermediate Driver

Can’t see too many air cooled bugs!  

New Driver

Here we are and the car is a 1969 Series II XK-E coupe, FptArt2.JPG

Pit Crew

Glad to see you got yours out too yesterday Bob. Wish I could have joined you but after my drive in the AM had to work a few hours!


Hope other events can happen (and I can attend) this year and into NEXT!!!




IF it has wheels I'm into it!!
New Driver

Love this BadAss Camino! 

Pit Crew

Awesome. I had a 74 Charger SE Brougham with a crank sunroof as a high school senior back in 1980 and a 69 Swinger 340 in 1983. Wish I still had both.
New Driver


 1955 Oldsmobile Super 88

New Driver

Another pic of my '83 BB 512i from the drive with a side view.  The Boxer is all red w/o the lower black Boxer trim...obviously, but also has a red rear spoiler and air boxes, which is an rare combo.  The interior has tan leather seats and a tan leather headliner.  Owned since '86...Gawd...I LOVE this car!  JohnIMG_0089.jpg

Pit Crew

Thanks to those who LIKED my photo's...hope everyone who participates gets a hat! ME included 😉

IF it has wheels I'm into it!!
New Driver


 63 Falcon