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Join Hagerty for a Drive at Dawn!

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The tradition continues on with Hagerty Dawn Patrol! We'll miss seeing you in person this year for coffee and donuts in Monterey, CA but that won't stop us from celebrating the joy of driving the cars we love. And earning a coveted hat in the process.


Set your alarm for Sunday, 16 August 2020 and take a drive between 6-9 a.m.

  • Snap a photo of you in front of your car before or after your drive.
  • Reply to this post to share your photo the same day. (Photo attaching tutorial here.)
  • We’ll send you a 2020 limited edition Drive at Dawn hat.


Whether this is your 7th hat or your first, with this time honored tradition you'll join the ranks of a magical club of car lovers  - and hey, you can always nap later!


Learn more about the history of Hagerty Dawn Patrol here.


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Pit Crew

I’m in....this is a great idea.  Hoping to see others out on the road early as well.

Yellow RX8
New Driver




 Good Morning!

Great Day for a Drive at Dawn with the  T tops out. 

Scott Swisher Ohio

New Driver

Looks like we'll be racing the rain, But that never stops us!

Here's our 1966 Pontiac LeMANS with SPRINT optioned Overhead Cam 6 

Been ours since 1983, Restored in 1995 and driven ever since.


8-2020 1I.jpgCROSSING 1C.jpg




New Driver


 "Drive at Dawn" & our 45th Anniversary today - August 16, 2020.  I love you Alice & your 66 Mustang - 289- .  We met in a Mustang 46 years ago, & your motor is still running.!!

Pit Crew


New Driver

woke everyone up in the neighbourhood.woke everyone up in the neighbourhood.

New Driver

At the Jersey shore, wind and rain couldn't deter me.


New Driver

Good Morning from Upstate New York!Me and my 93 CorvetteMe and my 93 Corvette

Pit Crew

Early birds!