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It's Thanksgiving - so be thankful...

   Today will be a little tougher on me - since the passing of our youngest daughter means that she will not be showing up at noon, looking for a turkey leg.  But I'll set one on a plate for her next to mine at the table anyway, in her honor.  Maybe watch a little football, rake a few leaves, and if the sun is shining, I'll likely roll that red Pontiac out and take a little drive.  Heck, I might even burn a little of that old, tired rubber off the outer circumference of those rear tires to expose some new, fresh stuff!  (Ignore that please, insurance rate-setters)...

   I have plenty to be thankful for.  A great spouse, wonderful kids and grandkids, super friends, a good place to live, and a comfortable existence overall.  I love my country (even with all its faults), and my life has been interesting and productive.  I work hard at seeing good sides to everything and everyone - and making someone smile or laugh give me a 'high'.

   I hope all of you folks out there in Hagerty Community Land also find much to be thankful for today...  🍗