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Pit Crew

How I got the BUG....

Dad loved Studebakers. We had four during my teenage years.  


I learned to drive on a 53 Commander V8 stick shift. Never forgot that car.

He even let me cool it up a bit. 3" lowering blocks, spun aluminum Bonneville moon hubcaps, glasspack duel exhaust, on the floor 3 speed and of course black dice hanging from the RVM.

I only had my learners permit at the time, but boy that was fun.


Last one I remember was a 56 Golden Hawk with the Packard V/8 that Dad supposedly for 'Mom'. 

But my Brother knew better, just looking at the grin on his face when he brought it home gave him away.

Just in time for me to be the head of the "crew."  Back then the boys were impressed by a 200 foot one wheel burn out

I still consider to be it the first muscle car. Aluminum engine turned dash with Stewart Warner gauges, Golden & Cream two-tone paint, it was one cool ride.


I'll  never forget that Commander, I don't have the car but I do have the Dice hanging in "Bertha" our current pride & Joy



Just like this... thanks Dad.👍