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Pit Crew

Hagerty Motorsports To Go - Roll Bars

I just want to voice a detail that I've noticed.


I had a hobby car that I had insured with Hagerty (1991 Honda Civic). When I needed to do a shell swap because we could some unrepairable rust. My best available option at the time for a new shell was one with a roll bar. I started swapping over parts and the project needed some extra time over the winter when we started digging into the engine and found it needed some work. But I wanted to get some coverage on it over the winter. When I tried to get the car insured it wasn't possible with the roll bar. 


I just find it a little ODD that they would promote events in motorsport to go with images of cars with roll bars yet not cover them themselves. Even promoting timed events like autoX which by most insurers would classify your car as a race car with or without a cage or roll bar. 


I may end up having to pay a ridiculous rate to get my car on the road or just hack the bar out, replace all the panels that were cut and if I do take my car to a motorsport event once or twice a year run the risk of greater injury if something happens. My bar is there for aesthetic purposes, I think it looks cool but can be functional and beneficial as well. I just find some of the articles a bit hypocritical. 


If there are any employees that would be able to clarify that I'd love to hear. 



Pit Crew

Pictures for context!



Hagerty Employee

Hi there @blkrcat! I would love to look into this a little deeper if you could shoot me a DM! Thanks!

Pit Crew

DM'd! 🙂


It is not a roll bar it is chassis reinforcement. 

I really think they would insure insure the car as long as it was not used in racing or motor sports. If it is damage by doing so then they are off the hook. 

Many cars today have bars just for ascetics. Trucks have them and just call them light bars. 

I would contact the company and see if they could Wright into the policy just what they are and the restrictions. 

It would be interesting to see how they cover a Cobra kit car that has a toll bar and is not considered a race car. 

Pit Crew

I wish I approached it like that. I don't see the problem with trying again but I can bet that they will already have the info on file and refer to that. 


it's been explained to me that anything that came with a roll bar from the factory is exempt, older cars that have basically no risk can do whatever they want and everything else cannot be insured. 


I didn't realize that hagerty was promoting motorsports as hard as they are. Might be worth bringing up to them if I do call back. It would be interesting to see if any employees have any comments on it. 


Basically here in Ontario insurance is all privatized and our rates are some of the highest in the country. I was paying $631/year for my previous shell without the roll bar/chassis reinforcement with Hagerty. Now I'll be forced to either remove the roll bar/chassis reinforcement or pay upwards of $4000/year just to drive occasionally for the summer months just because of a little extra steel.


The whole car isn't worth much more than that which is why I'm a little gobsmacked when I see Hagerty promoting motorsport events after putting me in a situation like this.