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Hagerty Livestream: Wayne Carini's Favorite Motorcycles


While we're missing the Barber Vintage Festival in-person this year, we're celebrating in spirit with our own two-wheel experts: Wayne Carini and James Hewitt. Join Hagerty for the ultimate vintage motorcycle show-and-tell. We discuss Wayne's favorite bikes, the ones he wants to buy next, and what you should get to start your own collection.


This livestream begins at 1 PM ET on Wednesday, October 21. Once we’re live, please click the chat bubble in the top right corner of the video screen to open the chat view and post your questions!


I just saw the show on the Vincent's he purchased. 


I wager by the look in his eyes the Black Shadow is number one if not close to number one. 


I would give any to hang with Wayne at the Lemons Event at Pebble Beach. I show a lot and that looks like it would be a blast to be a part of. 


I met him at a show in Canton Ohio a few years ago and he really is the class act you see on TV. 


Keep up the show Wayne as it is fun and educational. I know more than many on cars but I never fail to learn something from your shows.