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Hagerty Livestream: The 25 Greatest Mustangs



This livestream begins at 2 PM ET on Friday 26 June.


Once we’re live, please click the chat bubble in the top right corner of the video screen to open the chat view and post your questions!


We compiled a highly subjective list of the 25 Greatest Mustangs because everyone loves Ford’s pony car and we have the expertise to make solid arguments in favor of each of the models. We know this kind of story will generate strong emotions so in this livestream, Larry Webster and Colin Comer will introduce the list, explain some of our rationale, and be prepared to hear and respond to your opinions. Tune in, its going to be fun!


Re: Hagerty Livestream: The 25 Greatest Mustangs

Intermediate Driver

The greatest Mustangs were not cameros or mustangs......Although all Mustangs were and are great, in my most humble opinion the best were the Falcon Sprints / Futuras from early to mid 60's. What a difference a name change and sheet metal makes.