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Hagerty Livestream: Favorite Oddball Cars

This livestream originally aired on Wednesday 10 June.


Unique, one-of-a-kind, different, and just plain weird. Whatever your choice of adjective, there are some cars out there that are well…out there. Join Contributing Editor Brad Phillips and Hagerty Member Jerome Reinan, as we take you down the topsy-turvy path of our favorite oddball cars. Who knows? You might leave with some newly acquired tastes of your own!

Advanced Driver

The Hannibal 8 from the movie "The Great Race" is one of my favorites, because it actually ran! Add the too-cool scissor lift option, the cannon ("push the button, Max!") and the tandem rear axles: perfection!

New Driver


How about the "Rocket Cars" from Euclid Beach Amusement Park in Cleveland. This gentleman made a "touring vehicle" from one. There were four(?) cars suspended from a huge tower and went around the tower in a circle. Centrifugal force swung them about 10-15' feet away from the base of the tower and 20' from the ground.

New Driver

Who came up with the name "Scout" Scarab ? It's always been named for it's creator, Mr. Stout.

Stout Scarab.

( Apologies if this is posted twice-- I know a little more about cars than computers. )