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Hagerty Livestream: Favorite Cars of the '90s

This originally aired on Wednesday 20 May. You can view the recording below.



Tune in as Brad Phillips and Colin Comer give us the 411 on all the fly cars of the '90s! We're streaming it live on the World Wide Web, so turn off the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, put down your Sony Discman and give it a watch, dude. It's gonna be all that and a bag of chips!


Interesting picks...and I actually agree with the inclusion of a SAAB! I also own a 3rd Gen. RX7 and mildly disagree with the notion that it must be unmolested. If bought as an investment and garage ornament...OK. But these were a bit like a racecar disguised as a look-at-me touring car. And they’re approaching 30 years old. If you intend to really drive and enjoy them, certain (mostly reversible) reliability modifications are absolutely required. Knowing exactly what those are is key, and they would not discourage me from a buy.  And as was said in the video...the driving experience is like nothing else.