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garage lifts

Any recommendations for residential garage lift?  220V


Might help if you say what you want and what you will use it for. Is it a work lift or just storage. There are a number of kinds and options and the needs can direct you often to what to buy. 


I will recommend not to go cheap and buy a good name brand  lift. Too often some will save money and end up paying for it in the end. 


Also if you can't do it have a pro install it. 


GENERALLY speaking…

4-post for storage and very occasional maintenance. Less effort to get the cars on and off but they take more floor space and will require accessories like jacks and trollies to do stuff like brakes and suspension work. If you do go 4-post I recommend going with an open front model. A little more money but much better access and easier on your forehead.


2-post allows MUCH better access for almost any repair and maintenance task and takes up a lot less floor space.

More effort to load the car. It will also require a minimum thickness of concrete and should be professionally installed.
Not so good for storage as suspension is left in full droop and you don’t have things like  drip pans to protect the car underneath. I like the asymmetric models to easily get in and out of the car. 
As for brands, I only have experience with the Rotary lifts. Popular in dealerships they’re pro-quality but that’s also reflected in price. They’re other good brands too.