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[Fundrasier] Help me bring my dad's 79 TransAm to the US

My name is Jesper Hansen. I am a Dane living in the US with my wife (who is American). I am writing this post to ask if there is a way that this community could/would help me with a dream. 
I am trying to import my late dad's 1979 Pontiac Trans Am to the US, but after covid19 hit, shipping has become so expensive that I can not afford it. I have tried to wait (over a year and a half so far) but prices just don't seem to drop back to pre covid levels.
It would mean the world to me if there is any way you are able to share the link, or donation to the fundraiser. 
It was my dads dream car, and became mine with time. I don't want to leave the project my dad and I worked on before Parkinson's disease claimed his life, in Denmark and never see, work on or drive it again.   
This is the very short version of the story behind the car, my dad and the impact it made on my life and why I am asking for help, but I hope it's enough to give an idea.
Thank you very much, 

Jesper Hansen