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For those of us who had to go to work today....

What did you drive?


 I took my wife's '79 Thunder chicken. As you can tell, it needs a new vinyl top. I held out for as long as I could because they are only original once, but it's time. 


I use to be able to post something but now with working from home my truck remains in the garage a lot more than it once did.  I only drive it on nice days now and that is just for my pleasure now.  




Hey, you're saving yourself gas, wear and tear, and maintenance cost. I alternate mine so they each get a day or two. I mainly drive the wife's Fiesta as 36 mpg in town is a lot easier on the checkbook. Mainly taking the old one a day or too is keep all the circuits working. The weekend drives are more open road so letting the trans up and downshift, giving the brakes some use, etc., just keeps them running.


Sorry, due to the covid and election results, no more driving anywhere to work. I shut down my business and after this year's Federal taxes, will work to never pay another dime of them just to see them sent overseas to people that hate us, by people that hate us. Sorry, couldn't hold it in any longer, admin. feel free to delete if inappropriate.

Community Manager

Oooo, is that a Town Landau?  And you can likely get the factory vinyl for a new top so it will remain original, sometimes the cost of the correct stuff is the same as any old vinyl roll they have. 


I will keep that in mind as I would love to keep it as original as possible down to, and I hate to say this, the factory song equipment which is still in good working order. If the dash had engine turned trim instead of woodgrain, it would be exactly like the LTD  II I drove in highschool. Every time I drive it, it's like I am 17 all over again with the exception of it making nowhere near the power the 400 Cleveland did. 




And still amazing to me is that our elected officials get a lifetime salary for doing so no matter if they only serve one term. Oh yeah, and they are exempt from most of the things they force on us. Out here in the real world that is called hypocrisy. 


If I do a bad job, I lose that job and don't get to collect a salary from that employer after being fired. I think many have forgotten that this country was designed to be ran from the bottom up, not the top down. 


And to answer your question, yes, it is a Town Landau. Factory turbine wheels, split bench, rallye instrument cluster, and 88,000 original miles. 


It is a cost savings. But I have lost time in the garage washing and detailing that I enjoy. I even detailed my frame on my truck.