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Dear Valued Customers.....I know it sounds weird, but are there any sites I can post my car on that will be only valued customers???? I've been trying to sell our 1989 Mustang GT convertible for the past two seasons. Seasons I mean by the only time we car drive it....seasonal....Local car shows and a few FB post but no one really gets the fact that what the car is worth and what I'm asking are just not close enough for the sale...The value I have on it is at 9,000 through my agreed value, with the recent rise in the Fox Body on some auction I know the market is still looking. I'm not going to just give it away and I know the market will swing to another era of car real soon. Any suggestions????


Thank you...

Advanced Driver

not really. selling a car can be a real pain in the...there's always someone who says something like 'well uh the headlight switch is kinda yellowed, there's a scratch in the rear taillight lens and it's gonna need an oil change in 1500 miles...would you take 600 bucks.  then the hot to trots ' i'll be there first thing saturday morning!' 3:30 in the afternoon and still...friend of mine recently went through the same thing with his saab 9.3 convertible, a "seasonal" car just like yours. he's still got it. too bad you can't find a way to advertise it on hagertys.  ohhhhh


Have you tried any of the Mustang related forums? I have seen the values all over the place on your particular ride. But honestly, checking the sold listings at a few sites, it doesn't seem like yours would be out of line if it is in 9K condition. 


There are a few things that hurt the fox body as far as value. One is VERY high production numbers unless you have a "special" like the GT350 commemorative edition, or like my wife had and this one is REALLY hard to find, a 1984 Boss commemorative edition (black w all of the Boss 302 graphics, louvers, and interior plates), or a say like the '93 Cobra. The other is the fact that a LOT of them, not saying yours, were bought by teenagers, rode hard, and put away wet. I always tend to look over a Fox body 'stang with a little more scrutiny if someone calls me to go check it out. Everybody I knew that had a 5.0 back in the 80s-90s ragged them. By ragged them, I mean they tried to race everyone that pulled up beside them no matter if they had a good race on their hands, or were in WAY over their heads. 


Even still, WHERE you are can determine how much you are going to get for it. Cars here in the southeast tend to go for a little more than say parts of Kentucky, Tennessee, and central IL, for example. 


I payed almost $12000 more for a new car in metro Atlanta than the exact same car in east Tennessee. I actually whipped u-turn to check the sticker to see if it was optioned the same way. It was. It was on the lot for $20,995. I paid $32,000 for the exact same thing and was 2k under what most dealerships were willing to go. My friend who was a retired "middle management" guy at Ford explained it to me this way: Car prices are all over the map in relation to different parts of the country, both new and used. Why? Because something will get sold for the price that someone in that particular area is willing to pay for it. Economics plays a part in it, as well as other things, like lifestyles, etc. And all of that changes as you travel from state to state. 


The good 'ole tire kickers who do nothing more than pick your car apart. I love those guys. No really....I do. no intention of buying just exist to denigrate something you have all the while explaining why the clapped out AMC Gremlin they have for sale is so much for valuable.

I can’t value your car as I have never seen it.  But it appears you value it more than most others. 

The cars from the 80’s are just not pulling big numbers outside a select few in original condition. 

Much of the problem is supply and demand. In the case of Camaro’s and Mustang’s they were built in great numbers and many were put away or well cared for. The supply out numbers the demand today. 

I just had a Neighbor give away a 17k mike SS as there is just no real market for them today. 

I have a 80’s Pontiac. It is just now seeing some value but it still is a car that I would have to find the right person to pay the money. 

The best thing you can do is get it on the web. Sell it at a national level. Also do some research on similar cars and just what they are selling for. You are going to have see and decide if the current values are what you are willing to accept. 

Remember we buy cars because we love them not to make money. Yes some people get lucky holding onto the right car for years but many more get burned because they did it for investment not the love of the car. 

I can see a Fox body will increase more. First the rare Desirable ones like the Cobra etc. Then next a good stock All original low mike Convert GT and hard top GT with the right options. 

Right now money is on the 70’s cars like a a Trans Am so you may be 10 years from significant increases baring world conflicts, economic melt downs, draconian emissions rules or viruses. 

Community Manager

Hi @John1 while we don't have a dedicated classifieds yet, we do have a forum here on the Hagerty Community that you can post your Mustang for sale. Check it out: