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Favourite Pics

This is kind of an indirect way of introducing myself as a relative newcomer to the Hagerty Forums, but I thought I would start a thread with one of my favourite pictures of my own car.


No, I don't own a Packard. But the Lotus Europa reflected in its side is mine, along with a couple of other Lotus and my wife's Merkur XR4Ti.


So I guess ther should be more pics of the other cars to follow later.

New Driver

Great creative shot. Somethig for Lotus and Packard fans.
Community Manager

I love that shot!  Post a pic of the Merkur, I love those cars (I imported a Ford Sierra) and loved them ever since I saw them when I was a kid. 


@Sajeev , as requested here is a picture of the Merkur:

IMG_3087 (1).JPG

Not the most artistic or imaginative shot but it will do. We've had this car long enough that most of the interesting pictures are on film and negative format rather than digital.


I started this thread after going through the pictures posted from the Drive at Dawn (still working my way through - there are a lot of great cars). I enjoy seeing the cars that others clearly cherish but started thinking that people must have a lot of other great shots that only come up on odd occasions, like getting the Europa reflected in the side of a Packard. So at the risk of duplicating another picture thread, let's see shots of members' cars in unique settings. As another example, here is another one of my favourite shots of the Europa taken quite a few years ago posed alog with a friend's Lotus 7:

Mike Boyle 10.JPG

Community Manager

I always thought XRs looked great in Silver with the charcoal lower, but it looks even better than I remember!  I love that car. 


That is definitely a unique setting...I think I will make a new thread with this in mind (and I will credit you, of course!) tomorrow...I am sure people have great photos lying around on their hard drives! 

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Pit Crew



I love a good sunset pic!