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Evening cruise

Yesterday was a beautiful day in PA. But chores, such as cutting grass and some late spring cleaning kept us from enjoying the sun. So my buddy and I decided to get out late evening. 

Now it was a nice warm day, but the evening yielded some cold air for sure. 



The light started to fade away, and the views were amazing! We took to some back roads, just putting along, this was more of a sight seeing trip I suppose. We live near a lot of farm land, and there’s something about driving by hay fields and pasture fields at dusk that is just awesome. The cows probably wondering why those two cars were so loud compared to today’s cars. Actually Scott even mentioned that when he down shifted coming down a steeper hill, that some sheep near the road scurried back to the field or barn. Thinking back, I’m sure they are used to tractor noises, and that the tractor would be louder than either of our cars, so it must of just been a different sounding exhaust that scared them perhaps. 




Scott driving a 50 ford with a flathead leading the way, I was in the 68 camaro with a crate 350. 

These cars are 70 and 52 years old respectively. Both of these cars have spent their lives in pa, near where we purchased them. And you think back, could these cars haves been on these roads when they were brand new? 

It’s awesome to bring these cars both back to life, and give them a second chance. I hope everyone is getting in their classic/antique and enjoying them, that’s their purpose. Get out there and have some fun with them!!!!


Community Manager

That's the perfect way to wrap up a week.  Beautiful pictures too, thank you for sharing! 

Hagerty Fan
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Thanks for the thoughts and pics. I do this as often as...well almost as often as needed. Like you I live 5 minutes from some nice two-lane rural country roads. And like you, little is more relaxing and satisfying than a slow-row through gears on them. 

Intermediate Driver

No doubt about it! Back roads past farms/fields is a great time. And Sunset or sunrise is a different experience in my opinion as well, just Something about it. 


Great story! I'm in south Alabama and the heat is brutal. Afternoon and evening rides are what we prefer also. No A/C in either of our cars. 64 Falcon Futura Hardtop, 289, ford-o-matic, (mine) and my wifes 63 Falcon Futura Convertible, 170, ford-o-matic. There is something about the headlights on a country road, little traffic and the peacefulness. We are rural (cattle farmers) and country roads surround us. We sometimes share a ride and other times follow each other. The convertible is sweet at night. Especially with the bench seat and the top down...Like dating again!!