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Community Manager

Enter our Hot Rod Lincoln contest!


We love a good mashup and was there ever a better pairing then cars and music? The song and the car "Hot Rod Lincoln" is famous for its V12 engine in a Lincoln and more so, the deceptively difficult guitar riff.


So if you're a Hot Rod Lincoln fan, a fan of Lincolns or both—share a video of yourself playing that famous lick or a picture of your Lincoln for the chance win a Fender American Telecaster and Hot Rod Deluxe Amplifier.


Entries accepted through 31 July 2020. See the attached PDF for the full contest rules.

Pit Crew

Oh my gosh, I gotta go practice!

Pit Crew

Not my hot rod Lincoln, and not the typical hot rod, but still a lot of fun for a couple of days.


Lincoln Cosmopolitan Carrera Panamericana

Community Manager

yeah, its not an easy song...unless you're a drummer like me! 

Community Manager

Carrera Panamericana Lincolns are just as Hot Rod Lincoln-y as the car in the song. Maybe even more, THANK YOU for sharing! 


I keep showing my wife a 4-door late 70s Lincoln that is for sale near us. She isn't convinced yet lol.


The guitar in the contest (if an actual American Standard Telecaster) is probably worth more than this particular example I mention. Good luck to all trying to win it.

Intermediate Driver

Here is my Hot Rod Lincoln... A 1951 Muntz Jet. 

Not a Lincoln you say? au contraire

The majority of Muntz Jets came with a 337 Lincoln flathead and this one is so equipped. Original engine to the car. Rebuilt after having sat for 40 years by the Flathead MASTER, Vern Tardel.  This Muntz is one of ~198 made, ~40 left and is the only road going, unrestored Muntz in the world.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
Community Manager

Now THAT is impressive. 

New Driver

I cant play guitar, and I dont have a Lincoln, but I was fortunate enough to meet the guitarist for Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen, John Tichy a few years back. Super nice guy with a huge passion for the Ford GT/GT40

Community Manager

No kidding?!?  Wow, you knew he was passionate just by the lyrics of this song, but the Ford GT connection is very impressive.