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Enter our Hot Rod Lincoln contest!


We love a good mashup and was there ever a better pairing then cars and music? The song and the car "Hot Rod Lincoln" is famous for its V12 engine in a Lincoln and more so, the deceptively difficult guitar riff.


So if you're a Hot Rod Lincoln fan, a fan of Lincolns or both—share a video of yourself playing that famous lick or a picture of your Lincoln for the chance win a Fender American Telecaster and Hot Rod Deluxe Amplifier.


Entries accepted through 31 July 2020. See the attached PDF for the full contest rules.

Pit Crew

Desert Lincoln: 351, 750 Edelbrock quad carb with Edelbrock high rise manifold, MSD. HPIM1647.JPGHPIM1648.JPGHPIM1649.JPGIMG_3511.JPG

New Driver


2017 MKZ 3.0 AWD 400hp/400lbft

Meet Rocket my Hot Rod Lincoln!

New Driver


New Driver


New Driver

My 1972 Lincoln Mark IV 


IMG_4028 (2).jpg


New Driver

Awesome Lincoln. 

Pit Crew

This is an ad for a Lincoln I sold over the weekend to a Chrysler engineer who wanted one like this since he was a kid- and he's happy. I sold it for the estate of a close friend and thought it would be tough selling a luxury car with a stick shift. Not at all. Several responses and sold in three days! Check the last lines.

LS 001.JPGLS 019.JPG

RARE BIRD !!!  2000 Lincoln LS 4door with a 5-speed. Yes, a stick and a clutch in a luxury car.  "Drive me to drinkin' with that HotRod Lincoln". This is not my car. I am selling it as a favor for the estate of one of my oldest friends who passed away 3 weeks ago. I got it for him in the first place, and finding one is no small feat. This is from the period when Ford owned Jaguar and this is basically a Jaguar S-Type with American electrics. Quick, agile, comfortable, actually defines the overworked term "Sports Sedan". I obtained it for Bob in December, 2001. He was always a car guy and when he passed he owned a 1966 Pontiac Bonneville (stick) that he purchased new, a 39 Ford street rod, a 67 Eldorado convertible, a 2016 Accord EX-L daily driver and others  He was a mechanical advice columnist for the national Cadillac Club newsletter. He was an expert on auto maintennce and any inspection of this Lincoln will show what good and regular care can do for a car. He was more than that- he was **bleep** about his cars. He always bought a "beater' to drive in the winter and kept his babies in the garage in any inclement weather, The brake calipers and rotors, always first to rust, are shiny like they are two months old. This is a great road car- before he became ill he and his lady friend would drive the Lincoln on long summer trips to visit car mueums and used it to once drive the length of Route 66. Actual 80, 571 miles, looks like 5000. Body, finish and interior sparkle like it's one year old instead of twenty. Perfect? No, the only defect I can find is the A/C needs a recharge. That's it. Tires, brakes, all mechanical and cosmetics excellent. Bad news? If you only have one leg or are a just plain shiftless person you won't be able to drive this. We want to get you in our clutches. Get on the stick and see what mint means.

New Driver

1976 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

I have had my hot rod Lincoln for over twenty years. I recently dug out the paperwork to find out when I actually bought her, 1997 it turns out. 

I discovered the slightly tired and faded 1976 Lincoln Mark IV, Jade Luxury Group Continental hiding in a garage near my house. We had just bought a home and another car was the last thing I needed. Some green traded hands and I was one Mark IV richer.

It seems  was fated to own this car as I had been given the brochure for this very year Mark IV back in grade school in the UK and still have its well-thumbed pages.

Over the years she received a new built 460, a three inch drop with custom springs from Eaton Detroit and a unique louvered hood by Oddball Kustoms. Various wheel and tire combos, finally settling on vintage Western Star Wires. Stainless duals and a vintage eighties aftermarket stereo, wired to play an equally obsolete ipod, provide the music.  

Check out the YouTube video of the louvers:

My hot rod Lincoln "Ivy" has gone to car shows, driven the children to school (the oldest is now in law school), been a daily driver and commuter, though harsh Canadian winters. Some years she slept outside under a cover, others she lingered in storage.

Sold new in Florida the paint on the Mark was pretty dull to start with but two decades of use meant she had developed a patina that any rat rod would envy. Rust was kept at bay by annual rust proofing applications, filthy but effective.

I learned basic tech keeping the Lincoln functional, brakes, carbs, timing, suspension, etc. Worse job, rebuilding the tilt steering column. Shout out to the four wheel disk brakes that surely saved my life on one memorable occasion.

Other Marks came and went, two 1972s and a 76 T-Bird but the dark jade green 76 stayed. Totally reliable she ran like a big block Swiss watch. I always said that this was the car to survive an apocalypse, I just thought it would be zombies not the Captain Trips super flu. 

The Covid shutdown meant new life for Ivy, I spent two weeks stripping all the chrome, anodized aluminum and vinyl filigreed trim off her. Another two weeks stripping off all the faded paint and surface rust. Amazingly the only rust out was at the bottom of the rear window under the thickly padded Normandie grain vinyl roof.

I have also been busy searching the countryside online and in person for upgraded trim pieces and other parts now seemingly made of unobtanium. Once I could visit wreckers yards and find willing donors but the age of the dinosaurs has passed and now even their bones are scarce.

The body will be in paint soon, baggies of bolts, polished chrome swaddled in bubble wrap take up space in the garage, office and under the bed.

Will the Lincoln project or Covid end first? My money is on Ivy.

New Driver

Hello Hot Rod Lincoln Fans! Here's video of me doing my best to play that awesome lick from the Commander Cody version of "Hot Rod Lincoln.



Pit Crew

Great car! Always wanted one after seeing one in Los Angles.