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Does your car have a cute, cool, creepy, or catastrophic backstory?

   A lot of us have cars that we inherited from a beloved family member.  Some even still own the first car they ever bought.  Some covet the car they took their spouse on their first date with.  There are almost as many stories about our cars as there are cars.  Cars often become personal friends to us, and we have all kinds of stories of times spent together.

   So I'm wondering - do you have a cute, cool, creepy or catastrophic backstory about your car?  Maybe it's from before you owned it, and the legend just got passed to you.  Or maybe it's something that happened the day you got it.  Mine is the latter.


When we opened it, a cat jumped out and ranWhen we opened it, a cat jumped out and ran

   I first acquired the LeMans from the brother of one of my good friends.  He had bought it on eBay and it was shipped to him from Oklahoma.  He lived in the extreme northern part of my state, and I live in the south.  After we'd made the deal, he hauled the car down to his brother's place, which is about a mile from me.  It sat there for a couple of days before I could get over to see it.  I opened a door, and a striped, yellow cat jumped out, leaped over a fence, and scrambled into some bushes.  We never saw it again, but it was obvious that it had been living in the car, and the guy had rolled up all the windows to trailer it to my area.  He estimated it'd been closed up for a week or more - so that cat was very anxious to get out - and who knows when it stopped running.

   Anyway, in honor of the "cat-in-the-car", when I got it finished (and made into a GTO clone), my wife bought me a big, stuffed tiger.  It now "lives" in the back seat of the car, and never leaves it - well, it sometimes perches on a fender or on top, but it's always  in touch with its home.  As a bonus, since I remember the old 1966 GTO TV commercial where a tiger jumps out of the engine bay, he sometimes poses in there at car shows.

   Kids often get a kick out of him, and sometimes he can get them to pet him, which he likes.  Once when an unsuspecting lady at a car wash was folding the seat forward to vacuum the back carpet, she came face-to-face with him and nearly had heart failure.  One of my granddaughters uses him as a pillow when she naps in the car.  He never leaves his world and he never will while I'm around - it's as much his car as it is mine.

   The cat is a fixture that is as important to the legacy of the car as anything I've ever done to it, and I'm sure that when I pass it on to my youngest daughter someday, he will live on in the back seat and continue to build on his story.


He rules his roostHe rules his roostHonoring an old TV adHonoring an old TV adHe's on top of HIS worldHe's on top of HIS worldAnyone else remember this commercial?Anyone else remember this commercial?


   So, does your car have a backstory that, like mine, is kinda cute, kinda cool, a little creepy or maybe even "cat"astrophic (see what I did there)?

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I love this!  All of my cars have stories, but to be honest, i think all cars have a story. If you don't find the story, you aren't looking hard enough. 


Back when I was a budding automotive journalist, one of the things I prided myself on was finding a compelling story for any car I test drove. My favorite "unexpected" story was probably the Buick Lucerne. A forgettable car, but it was the last of a particular breed for the Buick brand. And the stories only get better as people own new cars, and they become used cars. 

Anyway, back to my point: every car has a story. 


As a sophomore coming from a working class family money never flowed always had enough to get by but luxury's were just that and for the most part out of reach old clunkers that i learned to keep running were my transports with bodys that today are fashionable called patina then it was a (failed) experiment in body work.To the point a senior that came from a local business orientated family 3 generations back had a crowd gathered around his new ride in the parking lot a Corvette BB I stood fixated man that was a car and watched it come and go all the time but that was then fast forward many many years later i happened to walk into the business that his family owned and low and behold the fellow that owned that car was now at the helm of the family company we struck up a conversation outside sat a late model Corvette i gestured in the direction of the car and said still driving Vettes I see yep he replied we struck up a dicussion about the school days and to my amazement he said I still have the 73 Vette in a garage at home and drive it a couple times of year one thing led to another and i bought the car with all paperwork parts /pieces he had so although the car is nearing 50 years old Iam the second owner of a car i drooled over as a young man.Cheers R


That's cool!  What were the odds of coming across the exact same car you dreamed of after all that time?  Congrats!  👍


Dub6 it was surreal the odds of that exact car ending up in my hands was like it was meant to be i had many cars/trucks motorcycles since my teenage years but never actually forgot about seeing that new shiny Corvette in that parking lot daydreamed about what I would do where I would go if I owned it and even more weird my future wife that attended the same alma mater remembered the car although we hadn't met yet and got together years later sometimes it makes you think that the path you are meant to take is already laid out and your just a chess piece never mind way to deep.LOL Cheers P.S Dub That restoration of yours is killer lad you have some talent.R


Thanks!  It looks better in pictures than it does in person, believe me...


I have had cars that created stories like my Chevelle SS that was an adventure every time it left the garage. There were stories of what we did together and then stories I heard others said what I did that were not true but interesting. I can say I won more races than I ever had! We are good with that. 

The Pontiac I have now is the story. It was my first new car. I crashed it, rebuilt it and made it my own. It has given me the chance to lap Indy years ago at over 100 mph, it has won more car shows than I have ever thought possible.


I restyled it to be my own with some prototype parts from Pontiac, Herb Adams and even added the factory Tops. 

At a Fiero meet I unknowingly met the head of the head of the Fiero program where he gave me his approval of my work. GM later asked if I would display my car at a plant event. They parked me with my Hero’s car the Black #3 Goodwrench car. 

The best part has been the people I have meet, the friends I have made and the great times with them I have had. That is the real story. 

My fear after the crash was it was totaled but we got her back on the road better than ever. 

It is hard to believe how much a small car can bring so much to ones life when you enjoy it. 


Great story hyperv6!  The Fiero back from the dead - and better than ever.  I love it.  😀