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Intermediate Driver

Do you give your cars or motorbikes a nickname?

Many car and motorcycle enthusiasts do, myself included. But not always. For me, a name has to flow, never forced, fit the machine itself or it's character. Of all the motorcycles I have owned, only one was christened; my Honda ST1300. With it's big V4, it was a rocket ship for a Sport Touring bike. Torque monster that she was, I could lug the engine down to 2000 RPM in 5th gear, whack open the throttle, and she would jump to warp speed. Only one name was fitting for her: The beaST. 




The one truck I ever had, a Ford Explorer, was given a name by my wife. Even before the Ford aged and became a money pit, my wife called it the Ford Exploder. "Babe, can I borrow the Exploder today?" The name stuck.

I never had a vehicle where I tried to come up with a name, until now. When I brought home my Mazda Miata, my wife asked me what I was going to name her. "She's awful cute. How about cutie pie?" Really?

It took two years and a road trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway to summon up a suitable name. Our lodging in Bedford, VA was the Peaks Of Otter Lodge, right on the BRP. On day two, we took a hike up Sharp Top Mountain, accessed right from POO property😁.

Once at the summit, the views are outstanding. From our vantage point, we could see down to the lodge and the parking lot. Visible in the lot were five cars side by side, my Miata being one of them. They all looked very small. I said to my wife, "check out our Miata and the cars in the lot. They look like a set of matchbox cars." Light bulb! We both looked at each other and said, "That's it! Matchbox! That's her name!"

The name stuck.



To this day, she's known as Matchbox. Even when my driving buddies call to go for a drive, it's "Hey. Wanna take Matchbox for some exercise today?"

Fits her perfectly.

What is your vehicle's name history?




Sorry you only name kids and dogs. Cars, bikes and trucks already have names posted on them. 

To me it is a bit odd to name an object with a personal name. Do we name out TV or ladder? No. 


I guess the TV could have been named Phil (co)

Intermediate Driver

Nice! 😂

Intermediate Driver

Still working  on the name for my ladder.


I had an '84 Corolla in college that would get, "Come on you p.o.s. STAAART!" yelled at it a lot. I guess I have named at least one car.

Advanced Driver

I have always named my cars and bikes. Currently my 64 Ford Falcon Futura 2 door hard top is "WHITE LIGHTNIN' ". Never ran shine in this one but the name is fitting. Too many to list here but this post has me going back in time in a good way. As a side bar... I did have a chevrolet Astro Van  also known as the A-- Hole van. A literal POS.

Intermediate Driver

Ok. That counts.

In conversation: "So, what are you driving these days?"

" Oh, that p.o.s. Toyota over there."


Intermediate Driver

I think moto guys name their bikes more than car guys name their cars, especially touring motorcyclists. At lest in the groups I hang with.