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Hagerty Employee

Day 4 of Collector Car Week- Share your DIY projects.

Post in the comments below to celebrate day 4 of Collector Car Week! Also, receive a 25% discount on all items at The Shop during the week with code CCW2022.


We're celebrating all things cars with the first inaugural Collector Car Week. This week-long celebration of car love kicks off Sunday, July 9 with National Collector Car Appreciation Day and end on Sunday, July 16 with National Stick Shift Day.

Hagerty Fan
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I typically focus on UIY (Undo It Yourself) projects, because I never seem to get around to the reassembly, or 'DIY' side of things.


Not sure what you are looking for here. 


But my favorite thing to do as a DIY project is detailing.  I love to polish and clean my vehicles.  


Now keep in mind most people hate this chore but most let their cars go till it becomes a major chore. In my case once you get it to a high level it is easy to maintain. 


 To me detailing is where I can let my mind go and just clean with music on and relax. Not only is it zen like for me but it is also good exercise too. 


I have never been one to walk on a tread mill or go to a gym. But I like to work in the yard and on the cars and while doing it I get my work out and get something done. 



Very painstakingly replacing the unobtanium trunk seal gutter on my Impala


Recent transmission repair and rebuild.