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Cool car that Mother had...

In honor of Mother's day, what is a cool vehicle that your mother has/had?


Props if it is a vehicle mom would describe as a favorite (not just one you happen to like).



For my mom, it's a 1973 Buick Century. She loved the way it drove and felt. It was a 2-door, in that 70s gold color that you rarely see now (but was everywhere then) with a tan interior. It was the first car she considered truly her own.


I personally think they are one of the better designs of that era. I don't recall more specifics of the vehicle as I was very young and it died the usual rust belt death.

Community Manager

My mom has always wanted a Lincoln Continental (especially those with the tire hump), ever since she came to this country in the mid-1960s.  Which probably explains all the digital ink I've spilled over the years for these cars, as her cars have either stuck around or influenced my purchases.