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Cool car that Mother had...

In honor of Mother's day, what is a cool vehicle that your mother has/had?


Props if it is a vehicle mom would describe as a favorite (not just one you happen to like).



For my mom, it's a 1973 Buick Century. She loved the way it drove and felt. It was a 2-door, in that 70s gold color that you rarely see now (but was everywhere then) with a tan interior. It was the first car she considered truly her own.


I personally think they are one of the better designs of that era. I don't recall more specifics of the vehicle as I was very young and it died the usual rust belt death.

Community Manager

My mom has always wanted a Lincoln Continental (especially those with the tire hump), ever since she came to this country in the mid-1960s.  Which probably explains all the digital ink I've spilled over the years for these cars, as her cars have either stuck around or influenced my purchases. 


   My mom had three cars which hold special places in my memories.  The first I remember was a 1952 Chevy.  The story goes that I used to tell her, "Crash over there, Mom" - which was great fun until one day she did, and I put a dent in the dashboard and got a black eye that lasted for a month.  Guess I never repeated that wish.

   Then came a black 1957 DeSoto Firesweep Firedome 2-dr. hardtop.  Man, what fins!  And three stacked round tailights that, if you squinted, looked like rocket flames shooting out of the fins.  And the ugliest chrome grill/bumper mash-up ever.  But to me, it was "the Batmobile", and I thrilled at pushing those shift buttons mounted on the left end of the dash.  Got in my first fender-bender in it - crept out too far at a stop sign, creased some guy's rear quarter, but didn't put even a scratch in that 900 pound front bumper on the Batmobile.

   Next came her 1966 Impala.  So dark a color of blue that it almost also was black.  Once, while she was visiting an aunt in the Midwest, I was in charge of it for awhile.  Put my chrome wheels and cheater slicks on it, and replaced the muffler with a glasspack.  Convinced some people that there was a new hot rod in town for awhile, but then had to change it all back when she was returning home.  My big mistake?  Took some photos of it while it was dressed up, and she opened the package when the photos were developed.  Busted!

   Mom was a cool lady...❤️


Mom got a new Chevelle every year from 67 to 73. 

sadly they were 4 doors but they did get the better engines, posi and all the options.  We even had low washer fluid lights, bumper guards and rear window defogger. The 68 was a now never seen Concourse. 

Not cool but at least they were hard tops. 

But it was cool getting a new car every year. Dad got stuck with the old ones. 


My Mom's cool cars were a 1971 Comet GT (Yellow with the black stripes 302 which also happened to be her first new car at her first office job at a Mercury Lincoln dealership when she was fresh out of college), 1971 Cyclone GT (429 Thunderjet, C6, Traction Lok), and for the time, her '86 T/A. 


Wow, she moved up the scale pretty quickly from that 302 Comet to the 429 Cyclone, didn't she?  My mom was cool, but she wouldn't have known a Traction Lock from a jet engine...


The Cyclone came in on trade one year after she started, so it would have come in on trade in '72. A postman had bought it for his wife and it scared her (would hate to see how a Cobra Jet 429 would have been for her), so they traded it in on a more docile LTD. Mom got the car for Dad, but it quickly became hers and he was relegated to the Comet.


Funny thing is, just six yrs. ago, right after Dad got the Cougar painted, he took it to this little restaurant that's just across the state line and this older gentleman walked up and they started talking cars. He starts telling Dad about this '71 Cyclone GT he got from Shepherd Lincoln/Mercury for his wife that they traded back in a year later because it was too much for her. 


Small world.

Advanced Driver

My mom has had one truly cool car, which was her 200X BMW Z3. It had the larger and more desirable engine, five or a six speed, I don't remember, and was a beautiful blue.  She still talks about how much she wants hers back to this day. 


The Z3 is a fun car. I can understand why she would miss that one.