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Hagerty Employee

Connected by the Hobby: A Perspective of the Hagerty Service Center

The Hagerty Service Center is a one-stop solution for insurance services. In addition to a wide range of possibilities for collector vehicle and marine insurance, the Hagerty Service Center can provide tailored membership options and consultation on market valuation.


When enthusiasts speak to a representative within the Hagerty Service Center about any number of various topics – whether automotive, marine, or anything of the like – they just might find themselves speaking with someone who share similar interests. At the very least, enthusiasts will be greeted by someone who will listen to their unique story and understand what it means to enjoy this hobby. As an employee within the Hagerty Service Center, I’ve spent four years engaging with enthusiasts. I’ve learned that each story is different, and often molded by endless variations of passion, heritage, curiosity, and thrill.


Although, I’ve always had a hunch that enthusiasts have more mutual characteristics than their differences in background might suggest. Could it be that like-minded people are more inclined to be interested in this hobby?


Personally, I do believe that enthusiasts share commonalities with one another – despite aspects of geography and interest. And in consideration of recent world events due to COVID-19, I’ve realized these parallels to be amplified.


From the perspective of a Hagerty Service Center employee, I’ve listed four traits that are most common in enthusiasts I’ve interacted with:    




Enthusiasts are prepared. Paling in comparison to a restoration project that may require extensive research and planning, enthusiasts are ready for all the twists and turns that life has to offer. These are the people who understand that the journey sometimes takes them down an unfamiliar road, and they’re not afraid to slowly find their way back home.




Enthusiasts are optimistic. Although the road might not always be clear, I find myself in conversations with genuinely positive people. They tend to believe that everything will turn out just fine. And even in the worst situations, enthusiasts make the most of what they have.




Enthusiasts are thoughtful and considerate to those who are along for the ride. While they especially look out for those that are important in their lives, it’s not uncommon for enthusiasts to show similar concern to strangers. It’s heartwarming to speak with someone I’ve never met, in a different part of the country, and hear that they’re genuinely interested in learning about me and my community – not just in times of uncertainty, but also in times of normalcy.




Enthusiasts are fun-loving, and they know a good time when they see one. Perhaps the fun begins after they’ve prepared, committed to optimism, and confirmed the comfort of those in the passenger seat. Or rather, they’re on a solo drive and will be happy wherever they end up. No matter the scenario, they’ll be enjoying every moment along the way.


Let’s Drive Together


It’s an interesting concept, that people around the world and different walks of life could share traits that stem from the love of a hobby. I’d like to believe that, no matter what’s happening around us, we’re all bonded together by aspects of this enthusiast lifestyle.


Hagerty employees are enthusiasts too. We hope that our interactions between fellow enthusiasts will feel like speaking with an old friend. We embody the same characteristics that I’ve listed above - I know that much to be true.

Hagerty Employee

thanks for all the hard work you and other HSC team member do to support people who love cars!