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Community Manager

Community Rules: A friendly reminder :-)

Hello Hagerty Community, I need your candid thoughts on this matter: 
Perhaps you've already seen it. We are seeing members engaging in personal attacks of other users and that's gonna stop. What also needs to stop is the political fury and vitriol I see for articles with no political intentions. 


I understand that almost everything is a political hot button issue these days, but if you feel the need to make that connection here, you can discuss with me in private. If you want to complain about our society/politics/etc, go elsewhere because it is not welcome here. 


The whole list of rules is here, but here are the ones I feel are being broken far too often. Please don’t post anything that:


  • Is inappropriate (abusive, offensive, NSFW/Not Safe for Work)
  • Considered trolling (disruptive to conversations) 
  • Is off-topic (to the original content or the current conversation)
  • Is discriminatory to any group of people or defamatory (damaging to someone else’s reputation)

Again I'd like to know everyone's thoughts on this matter.