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Community Question: Your favorite song about a car?

Hagerty MediaHagerty Media


What is your favorite song about a car?  For many of us, it's gonna be a certain ditty about the Pontiac GTO. For me, well that's a bit before my time, but I will share my favorite song in the thread. Because I have something far more interesting to share. 


This comment was taken from a reader of the Hagerty Driver's Club magazine, and I thought it would be great to share here: 


I enjoyed Scott Oldham’s feature “Getting to Know the GOAT,” (Issue 68, page 60), but wanted to correct him regarding the origin of the hit song “G.T.O.” John Wilkin was a songwriting kid with a garage band. His mother, Marijohn, a well-known country composer, was a fixture in the music business. John skipped high school one day and wrote “G.T.O.” His mom got the song published. As “Ronny Dayton,” he recorded it with his group “Ronny and the Daytonas” and it raced up the charts. Wilkin now lives west of Nashville and is still writing songs and performing.


Jim Wangers was behind a later group, The Tigers, whose song “GeeTO Tiger” didn’t make the Hot 100 but helped launch the 1965 GTO. The single had a unique B-side, “Big Sounds of the GeeTO Tiger at the GM Proving Grounds.” The record was the center of a Pontiac promotion with Car Craft magazine, Hurst Shifters, and NHRA. Has any other new car taken such advantage of pop music to become a sensation? I doubt it.


—Mike Joy, Lewisville, NC


New Driver

The one I loved back then

George Jones

New Driver

Gotta be Shut Down by the Beach Boys.  Same group sang "she's so fine, my 409."  A close second.  

New Driver

That's a tough one....either "Betsy" by the Beach Boys or "Hot Stocker" by Jan and Dean

Intermediate Driver

No contest. Aretha Franklin's "Pink Cadillac", because................Aretha!

New Driver

The Ripchords, "Hey Little Cobra", especially when driving my 289.

Intermediate Driver

1.  Little Deuce Coupe by the Beach Boys

2.  Shut Down by the Beach Boys 

3.  409 by the Beach Boys

Intermediate Driver

From the Lucinda Williams album 'Live From Austin, TX' available now on DVD: Also available at Amazon: DVD:
New Driver

White Zombie -- Black Sunshine



The wheels of his Mustang exploding on the highway like a slug from a .45
True Death: 400 Horsepower of maximum performance piercing the night
This is Black Sunshine




Intermediate Driver

How to pick a favorite?  I have over 790 car oriented songs (though not about a specific car) in a playlist on my iPod and will probably be collecting until I die.  Some oddballs:

2009 Subaru - Tom Demarest (Tune Ups, Tunings & Car Tunes/3)=2:57
2009 An Old Volvo - Tom Demarest (Tune Ups, Tunings & Car Tunes/5)=3:26

1991 '64 Ford - Phranc

1989 Rusty Old American Dream - David Wilcox (How Did You Find Me Here)

and on the subject of road rage:

1995 Blew 'Em Away - David Wilcox (East Ashville Hardware)

1994 Bad Habit - Offspring (Smash)

Intermediate Driver

Red Barchetta, by Rush. Depressingly, it may become reality soon (guss I better save up for a barn and something to put in it).

Pit Crew

Came to name this one! Surprised it was so far down the list. First one that came to mind for me. 

Pit Crew

Racing in the Street by “the Boss”

New Driver

Deep Purple's Highway Star or Red Barchetta by Rush.

Either at a rather high volume will do the trick.

New Driver

He will have to get out and get under

New Driver

She’s so Fine my 409

Pit Crew

"Sweet Little '66" by Steve Earle

"Pontiac" by Fred Eaglesmith

Pit Crew

Beep Beep Nash Rambler is a classic as well as One piece at a time by Johnny Cash

New Driver

"Mercury Blues", David Lindley & El-Rayo X (and NOT by anybody else!)

Intermediate Driver

How about Last Kiss?

Pit Crew

The little old lady from Pasadena.....a super stock dodge that beats the hell out of everything that goes up against it! Exactly how street and strip racing went at that time in my part of Ontario!


Oh, crikey - now my fourth-place favorite also has the word "Little" in it.  What's going on here!  😁

Intermediate Driver

AC/DC Highway to Hell. Not a particular car but it gets the driving blood flowing. When my son was a sophomore, he got a sophomore dorm mate, 26 year old with two tours in the Middle East. Airborne. Every trip out of base started with DD coffee and Highway to Hell blasting. Kept up the lucky flow when back in the USA. Wise beyond his years. It’s on my driving play list too. Brings a tear to my eye for those who now hear it up above. God Bless our armed services.

New Driver

Driving song-"Detroit Rock City"

Specific song-"455 Rocket!

Pit Crew

The Beach Boys -Little Deuce Coupe


There are a ton of good car songs, but I think "Little Deuce Coupe" is first for me, also.  But gotta give Jan and Dean a shout out in addition to the Beach Boys - both versions are great.  Followed by "Hey Little Cobra".  And then "Little GTO".  And now I notice that all three of my favorites have the word "Little" in them.  Am I trying to compensate for something?

New Driver

I also like Beach Boys, Jan & Dean etc, but I would like to mention 

Prince: Little Red Corvette

Jerry Lee Lewis/Bruce Springsteen: Pink Cadillac

Yello:  The Race

Chris Rea: The Road to Hell








Intermediate Driver
Intermediate Driver

Haven't sen anyone post this obscure 60's song. "Stingray" by "The Routers". had this 45 when I was a kid. No lyrics, all instrumental.


Intermediate Driver

Haven't seen anyone post this obscure 60's song. "Stingray" by "The Routers". I had this 45 when I was a kid. No lyrics, all instrumental.


Pit Crew

"Ridin' in my car" (NRBQ with Big Al Anderson)


Intermediate Driver

Welfare Cadillac. 

Pit Crew

Runner Up: "Radar Love" (Golden Earring)


Barracuda by Heart! It was about a car until I turned 15.

New Driver

East bound and down!

Pit Crew

Mercury Blues by Steve Miller Band


Autobahn, by Kraftwerke, is insanely good on a long road trip, at night. somewhere on the interstate, in a state like Oklahoma or Nebraska. Song is 22 minutes long, so plan on a long lonely stretch of road.  Its Techno music, may not be ones cup of tea.