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Community Manager

Community Question: Your favorite car stereo?

This week's community question centers around in-car entertainment. It's become a very important part of a car manufacturer's arsenal these days (thanks a lot, smart phones!) but but even an AM radio could make or break a car in the 1930s, FM was a big deal by the 1960s, 8-tracks in the 1970s, Cassettes in the 1980s, CD players in the 1990s, get the point. 


So what's your favorite bit of in-car entertainment? I have so many favorites to choose from, but perhaps the green buttons on an Alpine cassette deck inside a Lamborghini Countach is my top pick.  

Alpine advertisementAlpine advertisement

Intermediate Driver

The Philips graphic equaliser in the Renault

 The Philips graphic equaliser equipped system in the Renault alpine GTA turbo is fun and very 80’s


alpine GTA turbo

Community Manager

Wow that is so much 1980s awesomeness in a single console.  Love it. 

Intermediate Driver


This sounds just right to me 😉

Pit Crew

I pined for but could never afford the Nakamichi 100TD Cassette Deck / Tuner Car Stereo in the 1980s.  HiFi sound in the cassette era was hard to come by, especially audible and clean sounding high frequencies.  A high quality type II or IV cassette tape could sound great in the deck in which it was recorded but crap in a different tape deck due to differences in playback tape head alignment.  This Nakamichi was the only deck on the market that allowed the user to fine tune head alignment (azimuth) to squeeze the best sound out of any tape.  In the showroom, it sounded far and away better than anything else but also cost nearly as much as my ride was worth, so alas, I never owned one. 

Intermediate Driver

What, no Alpine or Kenwood pull out love? Come on now. Where’s all my 6x9 lovers out there? 

Intermediate Driver

Seriously, my favorite sound system in all of my "fun" cars consists of dual exhausts and a manual transmission.  Three of my fun cars don't even have radios or speakers.  I never listen to the radio in my Corvette, except for the news if there is bad weather on the horizon, and I just enjoy the peace & quiet in my daily driver truck.

Now, music in my shop is a different story!

Advanced Driver

Whatever comes in a 2022/23 Z07, CT5V, or Escalade V.


I really like my late 90's Clarion Pro Audio, removable face and remote controlled head unit, combined with remote EQ and Amp setup. All running through high quality Clarion Speakers and and Kenwood amped Bass module (10"). Space is limited in my '94 Jeep 2 Door Cherokee, but you need rocking tunes on the trails.

Pit Crew

Hands down it would be the Muntz 4 track tape player.


@Tom1, didn't Muntz later make a version that played either 4- or 8-track tapes?  Seems I remember one where a little wheel came up into the bottom of the 4-track tapes to back up tension on the tape vs. the drive wheel, and the 8-tracks had an internal wheel built into the case, so the little pop up wheel just stayed down if you put an 8-track in.  Extended a lot of 4-track's lifetimes, I'm sure.

New Driver

Finished restoring my 1969 Camaro Z/28 a few years ago. Original DZ 302, headers & chambered dual exhaust system. Haven't had the radio turned on in 6 years. Why listen to the radio when there is a live stereo symphony playing out thru the tail pipes?

The old Lexus Nakamichi stereos looked and sound so good. 


Aftermarket-wise  I have had great gear from Alpine and Pioneer along the way.  Current aftermarket in the Supra has a Pioneer headunit.