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Community Question: Who knows why Fuzzy Dice exist?


I didn't know where the notion fuzzy dice hanging from rearview mirrors came from until I googled it many years ago.  It's a pretty cool story!  How many of you knew why people put them inside their car interiors (without needing to google it)?


And does anyone have a special memory/story associated with fuzzy dice in your car or a family member's car? 


While some attribute it to WW2 pilots you can find it even back to pre war pilots. 

Jimmy Doolittle’s Gee Bee Racer plane build by the Granville Brothers had them on the side of the plane just as a few other of the GeeBee planes the brothers built. 

The planes were numbered 7/11 as you needed good luck and a ton of piloting skill to survive the planes. 




Interesting I never knew the origins of this, thanks for the education.




That makes sense as a lot of the early rodders were WWII pilots, soldiers, etc. 


Doolittle made Tokyo the hard way.
Advanced Driver

interesting  info but incorrect . the answer is **bleep** fuzzy ( 1924 - ? ) a legend.

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ok , richard fuzzy. seriously ?

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(ps) anyone remember **bleep** trickle? or have your sense of humor that badly?

Pit Crew

"It's him on knees I know that's him playing 7 come 11 down I'm the boys gym."

From what I remember dice were part of the bad boy image in the '50's and '60's.

Foam dice hanging from the mirror were a must have in your chopped Merc.

In the '60's there was a fuzz fad. The auto body next to me was fuzzing everything from hood scoops to entire cars. So why not fuzzy dice?


Pit Crew

 Had a 68 VW Bug that the whole exterior was Velveted, red fiberglass electro static sprayed onto epoxy base, called Velvetex. Felt like velvet, kids would pet my car when they saw it.

Pit Crew

Did you live in Cincinnati? There was a red and blue "flocked" VW at University of Cincinnati, College of Design about that time.


depression, not alota entertainment, private 'alleyway wid da boys'. Cheep entertainment! Remember teen-hood good times? Now an income to splurge? Replicate in your ride (U can have almost anything U want) - great economic expansion '40s thru '70s...


not many had $ to throw away on gambling pre WWII. Those who did were looked up to as "more wealthy than me". The die had a mystique for some.


Last - Anywhere U find 1 form of illegality U find many more...a nod to the rebel type person or life style mimicked ("yeah, I'm one!")...


Re: special memory/story associated with the fuzzy dice in your car -

   The fuzzy dice in my Pontiac have little plastic pockets on some of the faces, and there are pictures of my grandchildren in those sleeves.  Each of my grandkids have ridden in the car multiple times, sometimes at parades or cruises, often to "go for ice cream" or maybe simply just a ride.  The pics remind me of the memories I make with them every time we pile into the car for a spin.  Also hanging with them are a ribbon from M.A.D.D. (my wife and oldest daughter were injured by a drunk driver many years ago), and my High School tassel (to remind me of the days when I probably had my most motoring fun and got hooked on a pastime that has lasted a lifetime).


Fuzzy Dice and other memoriesFuzzy Dice and other memories