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Community Question: Where will you drive to this spring?

Warmer weather is here (for some of us)! Or...


Warmer weather is almost here (for the rest of us)!


This community question is pretty straightforward: Where will you drive to this spring? Bonus points for answers that include the vehicle you're gonna use to get there. 



   We have recently inherited a rescue dog who is still a work-in-process to get "adjusted", plus with ongoing pandemic concerns and the price of fuel, we're not planning any extended or cross-country excursions this summer.  Most of our family live in far-flung locations, requiring at least several days, if not weeks, to drive for a visit.  So, we'll likely fill in with a bunch of local day-trip jaunts.  The Idaho Central Mountains are just north of us, and cruises on those curvy roads when the skies are blue and the hillsides are green are especially nice.  Probably some picnic days in the Cascade and McCall areas, plus a couple of runs to Stanley (amid the peaks of the Sawtooth Range) are on tap.  Could go visit a friend overnight up in the Lewiston area.  Going southeast, a good day-trip is to run to Twin Falls when they release a LOT of water over Shoshone Falls, just outside of town.  It's higher than Niagra and stupendous when the water is high (and barely a disappointing trickle when it's not, so timing is everything).  All of these (with the possible exception of an overnighter) will likely be made in the '66 Pontiac "Faux Goat" we have - anything further is probably not in the cards.  We could maybe stand one night away better if the dog could ride in the 2004 4Runner that is her main mode of transportation - so that might end up taking us to Lewiston.

   Little cruises to local rural towns within a couple-hour drive from here are nice diversions.  And sometimes they have car shows, so we'll obviously take the red Poncho to those.  We have mountains to our north and high desert to the south, so the ability to mix it up is great.  And really, there are plenty of scenic loops in several directions to fill a day but still get us home well before dark.  We'll be putting the phone on "take a message" and hitting the road once every week or two all summer (except when yardwork and garden-tending preclude it) - but trying to keep the petrol consumption under at least some form of "control".  😛

New Driver

First, kudos for you in taking in a Rescue Dog!!  Within time, I'm certain your fury companion will be sticking a nose out the window and embracing the road trip as much as you do.


@4Quarts -

   Well thanks, but I need to give credit where credit is due.  Our youngest daughter got the dog from a shelter (and since it was picked on the streets, no one knows it's history).  Then, our daughter passed away.  So, we took Sophie in, out of respect for our daughter, and not having the heart to return the dog to being homeless.  The poor pup has obviously been abused, and had other trauma, so it's certainly been a challenge for both her AND us.  But we're making progress (we think, anyway)!  So actually, it's our daughter who deserves the kudos - she drove all the way over a weekend from Idaho to Sacramento and back to get Sophie, who is merely the last in a long line of rescue dogs that she had taken in (all of whom lived out their lives being loved and cared for and died as very old, comforted dogs).

   Still, you are entirely correct that someday Sophie will go on road trips with us.  We've already dedicated a vehicle as hers (you know, "Sophie's Choice"...) and she has command of the back windows being rolled down - thank goodness the weather is warming up!  It has her own ramp (she's a pretty big girl) and bed back there, and I often think I should be wearing a chauffer's cap when we drive her around.  She knows what drive-up windows (a bank and a coffee shop) will hand her a biscuit when we pull in, and tells us that that particular window should be rolled down.  So far, only short jaunts, but we'll work our way up to day-trips and eventually longer stuff.  Meanwhile, we're just enjoying getting to know her and trying to be good "grandparents" to her.  😊

Pit Crew

To DUB6 and other animal lovers.

One thing that many do not consider is that a loose animal in a vehicle that is involved in a crash can become a lethal missile that can kill the people in the vehicle.  Even a small dog (ours is 18 pounds) can do serious damage.


So, it is best and safest to have the animal restrained in some way.  A cage is fine, but it must also be restrained.


I heard a story (truth unknown) about a person who was killed by a flying tissue box.  It happened to cut their carotid artery and they bled out.


Crashes do not happen often but they are usually unplanned.


Not planning much. Day trips to Amish country, a few regional car shows and the Pontiac Nationals in August. 

My V6 is often a liability but with gas up it is a good thing. 

Dog issues here too. 14 years old and now on insulin shots. 


The 69 Mustang will be snowbound in the barn for a few more weeks at least. The 91 C/10 escaped the snowy woods but I need some rain to wash away the salt here before I am too keen to do much driving.


I did take the 4 year old out in the C/10 out for a quick shakedown just to be sure everything felt right after sitting for the winter  --it did. First real trip we do with it is likely a dump run as this truck still works in retirement. Gotta show those new trucks with wheels larger than our doors that we still got it.

Advanced Driver

The picture says it for me:  Blue Ridge Parkway right here in the Old North State.  In my '98 Cobra, of coarse!  Top down or top up depending.

New Driver

First trip with my 85 black Supra will be to the Toyota dealership for its spring oil change and checkup. Then a tour along the Lake Huron shoreline is planned! Looking forward to a couple of car shows this summer finally!

Intermediate Driver

EEE5AD05-99E9-4BE7-B229-4555DFE64894.jpegWell, wherever I go, I’ll be sure to bring plenty of cash and the ”Don’t leave Home without it” card to pay for the numerous visits to the filling stations along the way to satisfy the thirst my 12 MPG big block has.

Intermediate Driver

We just returned from a trip to Seattle, Vancouver, BC, Victoria, and then down the Washington and Oregon coast, and found that cash was generally discouraged, if not outright refused. In 10 days, we spent less than $20 in cash. This is the first time I've been to Canada and not returned with at least a few twenty-cent quarters.

My advice is take less green and more plastic. 😐

New Driver

This past weekend, I took my '65 Mustang Convertible to Canyon Lake near New Braunfels, TX.  The day was exceptionally warm (91) and I then dropped down to Gruene (pronounced Green) in New Braunfels.  The Texas Cobra Club was also in town so, there were dozens of Cobras many of which were Factory 5 cars, all of them spectacular!!

Pit Crew

Taking a trip in May to Virginia in my 2005 Crossfire SRT6 Roadster. Here is hoping for top down weather. We will be running the Blue Ridge Parkway with stops in Stuart and Rocky Mount (Cruise Night), VA. Then in July going to the Chrysler Nationals in Carlyle PA.

Pit Crew

Will be driving my 1982 Lancia Zagato and my Wife will be driving her 1974 Jensen Healey to the Williamsburg, Va British Car Club British & European Car Show on April 23rd.

IMG_2726 (1).JPGJensen.jpg

New Driver

We live in Canada where winter is slowly giving way to spring.  We'll start with some domestic trips to Prince Edward County and maybe the shores of Lake Erie.  Before Covid we explored the Five Finger Lakes in New York State but the trip we really want to take this year is to Rhode Island and the Newport Car Museum.  This is a 900 kilometer drive from our home in Oakville, Ontario.  We drive a fully restored 2001 Mercedes SLK320 with the convertible hard top.  Bring on the warm, sunny weather!

New Driver

Driving my Jag XJS V12 convertible to upstate NY for band rehearsals and gigs this summer.   

May do a mid-west roadtrip if I can manage the logistics, to visit some bucket list sites and old friends.

Depends somewhat on the cost of premium gas...


Loving the idea of taking a V12 to gigs!

Intermediate Driver

As soon as the temps in NW Lower Michigan venture into the 50s, with at least a look at the sun, I will take a top-down lap around Torch Lake. My 2007 SAAB 9-3 2.0t convertible is out of winter storage and sitting patiently in my garage, ready to go.

New Driver

Sounds like a fine drive. Here in the sunny generally warm Southern Louisiana, driving our '77 MGB and '06 Miata on the River Road along the Mississippi River up from New Orleans to Baton Rouge along the East Bank and returning along the West Bank provides many curves but few elevation shifts except for the high bridges across the river.  The levees, historical sites, and sugar cane fields also make for an interesting drive, especially when the ships superstructures and derricks tower over the roads and levees.    


This is not car or trip related in any way, but I'm on a roll, so...

   Thought I'd run through our daughter's naming ideas for those rescue dogs.  First one was Major Trouble, resulting from a big list of hurdles she had to clear to get him.  After a few years, as Major aged, she brought home Minor Difficulties ('cause he was easy to get).  So she had Major and Minor for quite awhile, but they eventually both died, so she got another.  The shelter said they didn't know his name, so she called him John Doe (J.D. for short).  When J.D. began to falter and lost his hearing, she rescued a friend for him (one that could hear, and so let J.D. know when they were being called for dinner).  Since he was also nameless, the friend of John Doe became Mr. X.

   J.D. went first, and then after Mr. X passed, she got Mollie, who was really her favorite of all, but sadly had health issues and only stayed with her for a couple of years.  It was her search for "another Mollie" that led her to the last unnamed rescue.  When she got her home from Sacramento, the dog crawled up on the couch and stayed there for days.  So, her name became "Sophie" of course, 'cause she liked the sofa so much!  When asked why she then didn't spell it Sofie, our girl said, "Because they'd already printed the metal tag with ph!"  So, Sophie is was - and will remain...

Intermediate Driver

Well Mike may be taking his Evora Cross Country by going to Virginia but I have a different definition of Cross Country that looks like a cross or an X to the four furthest corners of the Continental USA. I did it almost exactly a year ago in a 1965 Lotus Elan from Colorado Springs to Card Sound Road in Florida (Southeasternmost point) to Madewaska, Maine (Northeasternmost point) back to CSpgs then to Jalama Beach Road in California (Southwesternmost point) up the PCH to Cape Flattery Washington (Northwesternmost point) then to the geographic center of the USA in Belle Fourche, SD and then home. It was 11,544 miles and I wrote it up in a book available on Amazon called Cross Country with Elan:

In May, my lady and I will join Mike and the others in my 1991 Lotus Elan to Taos, NM.


Now THAT's a trip!

New Driver

This is a great thread! We live in central California, so we can do road trips mostly all year long. We often head over to the central coast in either the 911 Carrera or the F150 Lightning and spend time in the San Simeon (Hearst Castle) area. Once on the Pacific Coast Highway, it's a glorious drive along the ocean north to Monterey or south to Santa Barbara. Enjoy those amazing internal combustion-powered beauties while we can!


Man, what I wouldn't give to have a drop-top sporty car and the PCH in front of me.  I think that might just be an ideal drive!  👍

Pit Crew

I will be driving in the Lap the Lake Rally in my 1973 Corvette 454 coupe with my wife. This will be the longest trip in this car. I am the original owner but like all classic cars it had a 27 year rest while raising a family and serving in the Air Force. With the current fuel prices many people might wonder why drive a long trip with the low mileage of a 454 cu in engine. I bought the car during the oil embargo and did not worry about mpg then or now. Driving it makes me smile like I did in when I bought the car new. 


True explanation of SPG (Smiles Per Gallon).  Good on ya, @dwebb975 😉


Since moving from NW Ohio, to SE Georgia, I have the benefit of year round driving, and nothing beats an early weekend morning drive through the Historic Downtown Savannah area, or a drive to Tybee Island, in either the Firehawk, or the GTI.

Pit Crew

It’s still cold and wet here in British Columbia,so we’re loading  the golf clubs in our Lexus is250 convertible and heading our way to Puerto Penasco Mexico, with stopovers in Mesquite,Vegas,Sedona,and Phoenix. The roads home include the PCH and the IMSA race at Laguna Seca. 


Wuff, that's a hefty jaunt just to play golf.  But it sounds like quite the adventure.  Don't forget to pack the sunscreen!  Hope you will post a few pics of your drop-top posed by sights along the way, @parolla!  😎


I really want to get out to Yellowstone area, Have been trying to get out that way for 4 years now, with no success.

Work or my Daughters activities are making it difficult to schedule.


Maybe this summer!



Intermediate Driver

Fredonia, NY to Watkins Glen over the back roads in my 06 CTS-V in June