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Community Question: when was the last time you used what you learned in school on your car?

This week's question is probably a little too obvious, but I had a good refresher course in geometry recently thanks to this oversized floor shifter and console I had to ship. 


Math is hard...Math is hard...

For the life of me I couldn't find a box big enough for it (I even went to a specialty box store!) so I had to buy a huge sheet of cardboard, mark it up with a sharpie, cut on some lines, fold on other lines, and then build a box top for it out of ANOTHER sheet of cardboard. 


I didn't make much money on it (technically I lost money if I consider how valuable my time is) but it was...well...a nice throwback to grade school math class. Which makes me happy, for some odd reason. 

So with that in mind I ask, When was the last time you used what you learned in school on your car?


I understand it’s not exactly what you were looking for but…

My dad grew up working on cars. For him they were an appliance, nothing more. I sought education in prep for a different career. Because of that my adolescent fascination stuck and working on fun cars, on my schedule is, well…fun.
So technically every time I mess with one of those cars I’m using what I learned in school. 

sidenote: before anyone thinks I’m being critical of an automotive career, my brother bought the family business and retired earlier and in a much higher tax bracket than I did.

Community Manager

That's a fantastic point, @JimR as that (profitable automotive careers) was something I learned decades ago and I chose to take the path of college, grad school, and careers outside of the car business. I coulda made more money earlier if I started an apprenticeship at a car dealership (which was offered to me when I was 18-19) and I'd be sitting prettier in middle age if I did. 


Not that regret my decision either, I got lucky that my hobby and my career eventually smashed together thanks to Hagerty. 


Not a day goes by in my shop that the lessons learned in school does not apply to maintenance and repair of my classics or everyday vehicles,from mathematics to science there is a application I was very fortunate as high school the auto shop teacher was a gear head(AMX) as well as the machine shop teacher (NOVA)a wealth of information was available to those wanting it  and i was a sponge my home life was chocked full of car guys father uncles cousins but at school we could tear down any thing from a slant 6 to a Muncie trans i learned setting up gears in a 9 inch Ford diff in school although I started my career out in the auto sector i ended up in Petro Chemicals still auto related.Cheers R 


Actually daily. 

But I was in an automotive class in school!