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Community Manager

Community Question: What was your last classic automotive internet search about?

This week's Community Question is inspired by something I did yesterday while looking for parts interchange data on a new project. While I remembered the answer, I asked Google just in case anything changed in the last decade or so. There was no new information in the last decade for my question, which actually makes things easier and makes me pretty happy!


So the question remains, what was YOUR last classic automotive internet search about? 
My Google searchMy Google search


Allante RWD conversions

I love my Allante - but it's Allante-exclusive F7 transmission is an achilles heel that I am always concerned will get me someday. What would I do if my car got sidelined by a nearly unobtainable part... ?

Apparently the question has been asked a few times on the interwebs but to date I have not found any examples where a do-it-yourselfer corrected GM's key mistake with the Allante and relocated the drive wheels to the proper end

Community Manager

Now that's a great Google search! I assume someone can do it for you, if you have 20-50k lying around and don't mind waiting years for them to finish the swap. 

Honestly, getting the front half of a LS4 powered Impala SS and slamming that into the Allante would be a better move. Better V8, strong transmission, plenty of parts available, etc. 


This would be something I did (or at least tried) myself if I ever went down that road. Something along the 944 or C5 Corvette route with engine in front and transaxle in back


Could not tell you as I search so much and often. 

Community Manager

Check your search history 😉

New Driver

Doing a lookup of Volvo cars in Australia and found out about the only factory made Volvo 165 wagon in the world. Assembled from a completely knocked down 145 wagon and a 164 sedan in the Volvo factory here in Melbourne. Wagon was specially ordered by Volvo Australia's Managing Director.


Headquarters in Sweden sent enquiries when a CKD body went missing during an audit!


Bricklin radiator upgrades.  Two things about owning a Bricklin:  1. If you have one, it's because you love it, no matter what.  2. You're always going to need a part.

New Driver

My last search was “1970 AMC Mark Donohue Javelin for sale”….waste of time 

Intermediate Driver

Searching for solutions to 308 steering issues.

New Driver

Trying to locate NOS or anything close windshield wiper arms for a 62 Oldsmobile Starfire. Having no luck, just junk looking ANCO adjustable arms that look bad.

Intermediate Driver

Porsche 996 suspension upgrades w/o breaking the bank or deteriorating the ride quality. Almost too much information on this one.  So far only upgraded sway bars, huge difference


New Driver

Searching for some German Iltis parts


   I was looking for info on upper-ball-joint-to-a-arm-spacers.  I got a pair many moons ago to put on a '66 Chevelle SS 396 that I was going to race, but never finished the project due to a front-end crash when some fool turned in front of me.  The idea back then was to get the front-end to raise up more under hard acceleration to facilitate weight transfer to the rear-end for traction while coming off the line.  Since the car was only going 1/4 mile, I wasn't too concerned about front-end geometry after the launch or in cornering.

   In going through an old tote under a bench, I ran across the spacers (still in the original packaging) and wondered about possibly installing them on my '66 Pontiac (also an A-body like the Chevelle).  I wanted to find out what pros and cons there might be for a street car.

   What I found is that there's a ton of info about them for off-road vehicles, but not much for street cars.  Did find some discussion on the H.A.M.B., mainly about '55 Chevy applications - but the info, data, and opinions were pretty sparse.  I'm not a racer anymore, and there's likely no reason to even think about it for just cruising around.  I kinda doubt I'll ever install them "just because", but if I ever run across somewhere that has some actual info based on experience with them, I'll lap it up, as they continue to intrigue me.  I sat them on the bench out in the open and they catch my eye when I walk past.  It's one of those, "Hey, you bought them for a reason (albeit in probably 1975), ain't you gonna give them a try?" little voices that bug me when I run across something like that.

Pit Crew

My last Google search was for a water pump for my 2004 quadrasteer Denali Pickup.


Rear spoiler wing for my C4 corvette.  Wanted one with low drag, and reasonably high downforce, yet not one of those Godawful monstrosities you see on Asian imports.  Ended up choosing a Greenwood clone.