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Community question: What was your dream car while growing up? Did you get it?

This week's Community Question is a two-fer: what was your dream car when you were an impressionable young kid? And a follow up question: did you ever get your dream car?


Here's mine, and no, I don't own a Ferrari Testarossa but I have been lucky enough to drive a couple of them. I'd want the one from Miami Vice...a flying mirror 1984-86 model finished in white. (The later models are certainly better, but hey, the heart wants what it wants. 😉

Hagerty MediaHagerty Media


Mine was a Ferrari 250 Lusso. In fact it still is my dream car. 


I had a green one with wire wheels as a Matchbox car. At that age I really did not know what a Ferrari was let alone a Lusso but the body shape was so good looking. 


Later near my grandmothers house was a Lusso in a neighbors garage. I never saw it leave and I am not sure it ran but I would skateboard by the open garage to look at it. 


By the way I still have the Matchbox. I also bought a non wire wheel version too. 

Hagerty Fan
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Not as grand a dream but the 70/71 Torino 429 Cobra Jet that car was just plain a nasty looking animal then again i was and still am a sucker for BB American built cars.Cheers R

Community Manager

The 70/71 Torino (and Montego!) body style is one of the best things Ford has ever made. That's a Dream Car in my book! 

Hagerty Fan
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A acquaintance of mine in Michigan ground up roisterer rebuild to original one of those Torino,s everything to correct proper parts tags on wiring harnesses grease pencil markings just unreal kudos to him it is jaw dropping but too me undriveable it would scare the beeJeebers outa me to take it on the road i asked him once how much cake to build it he said more than alot of people have in their houses Nuff said.R


All original - even survivor paint!All original - even survivor paint!


@Hagerty Fan 

A '70 Cobra Jet 429 Grand Torino showed up at a local drive-in gathering a few weeks ago.  It has lived it's entire life in Nampa, Idaho.  The laser stripes are almost gone, but the rest of the paint is certainly salvageable.  Every option except power windows on this car.  Wish I had a picture of it side-on for you Torino-lovers!

Community Manager

Oh man, I love that color on Torinos (my Dad had a 70 Montego in that color) and those covered headlights are just awesome! 


   First, there are so-o-o-o many "dream cars" in my life that I'm having a problem just listing the ONE that you are looking for.  Second, you specify "while growing up", and my wife just verified that NO ONE close to me thinks I've grown up yet.

   However, the one car that I fell in love with and have never, ever waivered on wishing I had (and have never scored on that wish) was a 1956 Nomad.  Many others have caught my eye, but if I had any of them and was offered the chance to swap them for the Nomad, I'd do it in a heartbeat and never look back.

Hagerty Fan
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I hear ya loud and clear Dub6 grown up is a state of mind i have nothing but the greatest respect for my father and grandpas grown men acting their age dunno what happened in the gene pool but iam still twenty something in my actions and three times plus the age and like u need a vacant industrial building to hold the toys I want even as a youngster.LOL Cheers Rob

New Driver

In high school I owned the Nomad. Other than the choking black smoke coming out of the exhaust I loved it. Always drove with the back window. Great car to pack a lot of friends in. Plus looked badass. I sold it for $150. The engine blew up a week later. 

Hagerty Employee

I think I am in the same boat as a lot of other in that I dont know if I could narrow it down to just one car. There are the total unobtainium cars like the Mercedes CLK GTR or Nissan R390 GT1 but there are more realistic cars like an NA2 NSX or the 2000 Mustang Cobra R. Given a large sum of money I would probably choose several more moderate cars vs. one high profile car though. 

Hagerty Fan
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First car to to interest me as much as pretty girls was the 1970 240z. I was 15.  I thought it just couldn’t get any better than that…until the Panteras started arriving at the local Mercury dealership. I was 17.  I just knew it would never get better than that…until the 1st Gen. RX7 came out. I was 26, recently out of college and could actually AFFORD one in 1981. I was positive it wouldn’t ever get any better than that…and it didn’t since I sold it a couple years later to buy a house.
Then it was a pretty girl again… and I got married. Then children. Then the 3rd Gen. RX7’s arrived in 93 and I was absolutely CERTAIN it would NEVER get better than THAT! At least that’s what I told my wife. She remained unconvinced until we got a bigger house. 

I did, eventually, wear that pretty girl down though and got the RX7 several years ago. I’m keeping it  but still want to get that 240z.
🤔Just need to find a way to explain to her it just can’t get ANY better than that. 😉

Intermediate Driver


My first car was a new 1969 banana yellow Cougar Eliminator, so I got to see the Panteras every time I took the car in for service.  It left an indelible mark as I purchased one about 21 years ago and did a restoration/modification about 3 years ago.  I now, finally, have made it reliable and comfortable enough to drive it every weekend, first time in 21 years of ownership I can say that.  But my all time favorite car design is the 1968 Pontiac GTO in Verdoro Green.  I bought one several years ago and have just gotten it back from restoration.  I still think with its curvaceous hood, ram air scoops and hood mounted tach along with the Endura bumper and hidden headlights make for one of the best looking domestic cars ever produced even if it drives and handles like a Cadillac hearse.  Next up for restoration for a second time is my 1978 Datsun 280Z owned since new!  I guess we have some similar tastes.





1996 BMW 850CSI. And no as the numbers imported into USA are in the low 200's

And collectors snapped them up.


The styling it's going 100 sitting still, No B Pillar and rear glass goes down.




An air-cooled 911 was once an affordable dream, but now affordable is a relative term. I have a 1989 Carrera 3.2 which was my dream car. Before that I had a 1979 911SC which was a fine car, but the 915 transmission left much to be desired compared to the excellent G50, and it didn't have the other refinements of the last of the original 911 series, including decent ventilation and an air conditioning system not an add-on off a tractor.


The big run-up on air-cooled 911s was because of guys like me. Luckily I had my timing right and bought my Carrera in 2007 and it was a bargain like none other for the car you got back then. Now the prices more reflect a realistic price.

Intermediate Driver

I was into drag racing as a kid. So were all my buddies. Before I had a license, I wanted a Dodge Coronet street hemi. I didn't get it, but I got a '63 Plymouth Fury with the LA series "semi hemi". It came with the push button Torqueflite. By the time I built the engine and trans, it was pretty quick. My second car was a Road Runner with the 440. That got modified to the point it was no longer streetable. But it could beat a hemi. So in the end, I got something I was happy with.   

New Driver

My dream car from the time I was 16 was a 1966 Shelby.  Three years ago I was finally able to get mine, a 2018 "Ford" Shelby GT350.  While it's not a '66, us old guys like "comfort" (and a/c), but still want torque and horsepower to have fun!

Pit Crew

I remember as a teen hanging in my buddy’s room and staring in awe at his poster of a mid-to late 70’s 911 Turbo Carerra hanging on the wall. The turbo is still not attainable for me as prices have skyrocketed, but I did manage to pick up an ‘87 911 Targa a few years ago. Makes me smile every time I drive it. For me, close enough. 🙂

Pit Crew

Two, actually. The first, a '61 E-type flat-floor roadster, bought wrecked and rebuilt by my father, driven by my mother all her life, and bequeathed to me after her untimely death in 1986. The second was an '89 Testarossa I bought in Phoenix in 2009 and sold in 2017. Completely different cars, both wonderful in their own way.

Intermediate Driver

Growing up in lil Rhody We lived across from a popular restaurant and every Wednesday a blue 289 Shelby Cobra would park in front of my yard. I would lose my mind! He would come out with his brown paper bag of fish & chips. In the winter he had a Gold Avanti. I got an Avanti & it was a disappointment. The Cobra , which I would look at ads in Autoweek for 5k & say I can afford that(ha) . One day at Charlotte motor speedway a gentleman asked me to show him how to drive his Cobra. I thought it was a Kit car but when I went to meet him in the paddock it ended up being a real Deal 427 SC. I was so excited I couldn't stand it,......Until I could not fit into it! I had to step on the seat to get my size 12 between the steering wheel & the Transmission tunnel. The steering wheel was so big it would pinch my right leg ,there was no way I could drive that car like that at speed and risk sacrificing a piece of history even though he was begging me. A dream dashed ! I ended up with a B&W Viper GTS when they came out as a consolation prize. I still have it today. Oh & the guy who inspired all this , was a notorious underworld figure who was collecting the, uhmmmm, weekly contribution from the establishment!  

Pit Crew

Series 1 E type Jaguar 

It was love at first sight in 1961. Dreamed of having one for every day of the week. Later learned that it was almost a necessity for daily driving. Almost bought one when I got out of the army, but opted for an 396 Impala wagon since I was still in college and an avid snow skier. Finally got one in 1980, a '63 roadster, which I still have. It was my daily driver for about ten years; then my summer driver when I acquired an '84 Jaguar XJ6 for winter. Now it's about time to pass the baton to the next generation, but it will always be my all time favorite.

Intermediate Driver

A V12 Ferrari.  Models I lusted after included 275 GTB, 330 GTS, and Daytona.  Though I didn't achieve the full dream, I have owned a 308 GTS QV for the past ten years.  It's a great classic Ferrari and has provided entry to the world of Ferrari events and culture, just not a V12.

New Driver

1969 Olds 442 convertible. My sister had a new '69 Cutlass, which was cool, but her brother-in-law had the 442 convertible.  By the time I got my license the cars were a few years old, but I would gladly do chores for her in exchange for drive time in either, as available. I now have a '69 Cutlass convertible, which is just fine with me.  

New Driver

Mine was a Corvette since I saw my first C1 in grade school. I have been fortunate to own a C2, C3, several C4s a C5 and C6. There is still not a cooler car on the road today for my taste.


Pit Crew

Quick answer, "yes", I did find my dream car.   In the Fall of 1968, as a young college student, I saw a Chevy dealer having a  monaco orange, 1969 SS Chevelle convertible unloaded at his store.   It was a 4-speed L78 and decades later, it's in my garage.

New Driver

Lamborghini - finally realized in 2019

New Driver

Mysterion by “Big Daddy Roth”

and No….

New Driver

I have owned 3 of my top 5 and currently own 2 of them.

  • 69 Yenko Camaro. I owned a real Rally Green one for 28 years and sold it in 2012
  • 67 L71 Corvette roadster (still own)
  • 1990 Testarossa (not a monospecchio like Don Johnson had). However mine is an original paint bianco (white) TR
  • 427 side oiler Cobra (some day)
  • 512 BB (some day)
New Driver

My roommate in college had a 289 Ford Cobra and Carrol Shelby had the other identical car.  The car was white with red racing stripes, hood scoop, side exhaust with virtually no muffler, and an engine with about 360hp.  My roommate traded in the car and got a 427 Cobra.  I went up to Hayward Ford and bought the 289 and used it as my daily driver including taking it to Expo 67 in Montreal, then to the East Coast and back home to Calif.

Incredible car-wish I still had it!


For me I've always liked the C2 Corvettes - and way back in 2007 I bought a Rally Red-on-red 1966 Convertible that now is fully restored and often wins awards. And about 4 years ago I got bitten by the Shelby bug and after 6 plus months of searching, I found a 

Cherry red 1969 Shelby GT350 Fastback with factory AC and white interior and stripes. 

Just a great all around car and one I enjoy driving about once a week. I am blessed to have two great cars in my garage and am hoping to get some photos taken of both cars together for a future Christmas card, 


I HAVE HAD SEVERAL CHILD DREAM CARS REALIZED BUT NONE MORE MEMORABLE NOR APPRECIATED MORE THAN THE RECENT MUSTANG BULLITT I PURCHASED AT THE RIPE OLD AGE OF 75.  BTW I'VE owned over sixty cars and trucks in my Adult life and rarely kept any of them long including Porsche 911, Fiat 124 spyder, several mustangs  ,and Scirroco VW's and a few Commaros and corvette, so it was not just wanting to come back home automotive's but the Mustang is the only real pony car in my view that has gotten better with age and lives up to the heritage in both styling and performance and fulfills the desire to own the latest iteration knowing it is probably the last of the breed. That said, I DID buy a little SLK Merc for my wife once that checked a LOT of boxes for me but the Bullitt still checks all the boxes and is the go to car for me if I want a road trip to enjoy long drives over long roads in the USA . I could not really say that about most of my previous Mustangs from 1968 to 1998,   They were all pretty some a bit fast but none of them made me want to drive cross country just for the heck of it. 

Advanced Driver

Corvair Monza GT -- the show car.  I had a poster of it, and really and truly Wanted GM to build it. But they never did. 

Pit Crew

Grew up in a Datsun/Nissan household. Wanted a Datsun 510 after seeing the BRE Trans Am race cars. When I had the means I couldn't find one that wasn't a rot box, cost way more than I thought it was worth or someone's finished project. Ended up getting a BMW E30 instead. 


D Jaguar - the race car with the giant fin behind the driver. Never got one of course, but decades later while working as an auto damage appraiser I did get to appraise some minor body damage on one. 

Pit Crew



Lucky Me- I worked at the Toyota Distributor from the age of 20 until I was 56 years old.

I was practical most of my career with Toyota buying mainly

sense able automobiles for an up and coming family- Tercel, Corolla FX16, Camry Wagons, Previas. I lusted after the Corolla GT-S coupes, Supras, Celicas, MR2s & Land Cruisers.  Every few years another non-practical vehicle would be introduced by Toyota and I was lucky enough to have opportunities to drive them at work- with an occasional road trip to our satellite plant 300 miles North of us. It scratched an itch but the itch never got cured until my early retirement 6 years ago due to a medical condition my wife suffered- Since our retirement plans of buying a motor home was eliminated, she let me buy a nice one owner 5 Speed MR2 Supercharged model from the original owner with some of our saved up funds.


We had so much fun with that car  with road trips to the Blue Ridge Parkway as well as Tail of the Dragon and a charity MR2 club meet in NewYork I can honestly say I’ve got a garage full of dream cars!

I now own 6 5 speed MR2s!

3 first gen

2 second gen

1 third gen






Pit Crew

1956 Thunderbird - I was in Jr High in about 1971.  A friend, the drummer in our rock & roll band (which was awful, but I didn't know it at the time), had a white '56 in his parent's garage.  I'd sit in that car from time to time and loved every line, interior/exterior/under the hood.  I vowed to own one someday.  It took ~48 years, but I now enjoy my beloved '56 as a regular driver.  She frequently takes me to & from work, which is over 100 miles each way.  Although I'll never be able to afford my absolute favorite car, ~1936 Auburn Boattail Speedster, I intend to do a ground-up restoration of a '35-36 luxury roadster (Packard/Caddy/etc.) during my working retirement, which should begin within 5 years!IMG_1936.JPG

Pit Crew

Lotus Esprit turbo, in 007 naturally!


I ultimately grew up to be 6’3” & size 13 sneaker so I bought a Lotus Evora 400 instead that is white over red… a childhood dream realized in modern form that is my daily driver in summer!

Pit Crew

2017 Lotus Evora 4002017 Lotus Evora 400

Pit Crew

Mine was the Lambo Miura. We all know how that turned out. Second would have been a early 60’s Ferrari 250 GTO and yeah, ditto. As you can see I do have expensive tastes. Lol

Pit Crew

….& after the unveiling today, I’m going to have to get an Emira, V6 manual too!

New Driver

yes 1963 Lemans 4 sped 4 bbl 4 cylinder still have ityes 1963 Lemans 4 sped 4 bbl 4 cylinder still have it

Intermediate Driver

An E-Type Jaguar and a Volkswagen Type 1. Never got the Jag (and never will), but had two Beetles (a '67 and a '69). But can't complain, because I eventually had two Corvettes (both now gone), and my current daily driver is a GTI.

New Driver

My 911 took a while to acquire and the path was a lot of fun.

1973 911 T

1978 930 Turbo

1985 911 Turbo look

1985 911 Cabriolet

1986 911 Targa

2012 991 S (current)

911 misc 002.JPG


New Driver

My dream car was a 1967 Camero metallic green with a black vinyl top. I had a Boucher of one I carried until it got wet. You see I spend most of 1967 in South Vietnam with the 101st airborne unit. I tirelessly talk about this car to anyone who would listen. It helped me thru that difficult time in my life. However I never got that Camero bot I do own a 1967 Alfa duetto . Always in need of some repair repair but it keeps me interested! 

New Driver

My lust for a car began in about 1955 or 6.  It was a Duesenberg pictured in the 1955 Salon in Road & Track.  A Rollston Model J.  I joined the Classic Car Club of America as a young teenager and in 1956 when I graduated from High School my Father gave me a 1931 LaSalle convertible coupe with a rumble seat.  The C.C.C. of A. kinda frowned on it as it wasn't a full Classic at that time (later).  Took it to the Classic Car Show in Grand Rapids, Michigan and there were 5 Duesenbergs at that show and one was for sale for $1200.00 (remember, cars were a lot cheaper then).  Asked Dad if I could buy it, and his answer wasn't good because he had just given me the LaSalle.  Well, a year or so passed and a man in our chapter of the club purchased the very car in Road & Track after the death of the owner in California in an airplane crash , and had it shipped to Grand Rapids.  I actually got to drive it once and then wanted one more than ever.img641.jpg

Well, I finally got one last year for $516.00 but it is only 1/12 scale.  I actually have a number of them in 1/18th and do own a genuine firewall plaque and a real Duesenberg owner's Manual. That's as close as I am going to get.....IMG_2508.jpeg

New Driver

Growing up in the late 50s, early 60s my car was a 55 TBird.

They were always a little out of my reach when I started working

in 1970. Trying to find a clean driver was just too expensive (restoration

costs!) My second car was a 67 Shelby Mustang. I had owned a couple

of Mustangs. In 1986 I found my 67 GT500 #314 ( wanted a GT350!) Still love driving it! It's not a show car, it's a driver but I still smile everytime I drive it!

Intermediate Driver

Here we go, as a starry-eyed 16 year old, I read about and saw pictures of Carroll Shelby's Cobra. Instant attraction and promise to myself to have one someday.  So, I missed an original in 1968 and again in 1977 ( A day late and a dollar short). Fast forward to 2013, after 2 years searching, I found the next best thing and at quite a savings.  I purchased an ERA-427SC Replica, she's just like Ol' Shel would have built- 427FE engine, toploader 4 speed, Jaguar Salisbury IRS third member, down to the Connelly leather, wool carpeting, hardwood steering wheel and Smith gauges, hard to tell her from an original.  I have a memorable smile on my face everytime I take her for a spin...........

Intermediate Driver



New Driver

My dream cars growing up was a Bandit Trans Am, General Lee, and a Testarossa. I am lucky and I do have a 1981 Bandit Trans Am, and 1969 Charger General Lee, but have not got my hands on a Testarossa yet, maybe one day. I might sale my Boss 429 and get one. 

Intermediate Driver

When I was a boy about 8 or 9 my Mother took me to the NY Worlds Fair in 1964/65. One of the things I saw there was the new Mustang on display at the Ford pavilion. We went in and got into a red convertible with red interior, and I got to "drive" on the track that went through the tour, and of course I never forgot the experience. Perhaps it was youthful exuberance, but in fact that 5 minute "ride" made a lifelong impression and instilled a love of all things automotive. Fifty years later I was blessed to have had the means to finally fulfill my childhood dream of obtaining a first generation Ford Mustang Convertible, not the most desirable car in the world, but some small consolation for 50 years of hard work and a dream.