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Community Manager

Community Question: What was your automotive bright spot for 2020?

@Skodalicious made a great post about how his 2020 wasn't that bad, which begs the question: what was your automotive bright spot for this year? 


Mine?  Most definitely my Valentino project finally, after 20 years, going into the paint booth...much to my bank account's dismay: 


Getting my buddies low mile Fiero GT back running after sitting several decades. 

We replaced the brake system less master cylinder and the fuel system from tank to injectors. It fired right up and drives like the 35,000 miles shown on the odometer. 

He and I are original 1985 owners. We met in 1985 lost contact and found each other a few years ago. I was shocked he lived only 3 miles from me. 

I never saw the car as it left the road in the 90’s. 

Next we will start on his wife’s car. A 69 Firebird 400. It should not need a lot to get it going. I really want to see her take it for a spin rowing the gears.


I know the look on my buddies face was worth a million on that first drive. So much time lost but again found. 


I had 2 this year, the 283 Tri power swap in the C10.


And finally getting the wheel chocks, L - Track recess mounted and floor enamel down in the car hauler after 6 years of procrastination (well 3, I was actually out of the country for 3 )


Very happy.


The 283 needs redone but no biggie, got a years use out of it.






New Driver

I would think 2020 we did much more cruising instead of sitting at some car show for 6 hours , getting a grab bag and watching some guy get a trophy ! Much more interesting doing a 2 hour Cars & Coffee and then GO cruising for 2 hrs or more. I put on 6000 KM this year just cruising with friends and never left Ontario. Hope to do that and more in 2021. 

Intermediate Driver

Finally completed a total front end rebuild/power front disc brake conversion on my '70 Charger; due to a few minor setbacks, it took longer than anticipated.  I also upgraded to OEM look alloy 15" wheels; everyone thinks that it looks GREAT! First drive last week, and the brakes worked flawlessly!   🙂

New Driver

After waiting for years for Zora’s long awaited mid engine Corvette plus waiting to get it after ordering it close to two years ago I was finally able to take delivery of mine this month.

New Driver




While my wife and I were sequestered for covid this summer, I ran across this Legend Lime 2006 GT with the saddle interior.  The previous one owner car had all records since birth!  We went to Kissimmee Fl and brought it back to our place in Daytona Beach where I was able to play with and upgrade the car!  What else did I have to do!

Pit Crew

I actually began (& finished) a total re-do of my shop. Probably been twenty-five yrs + (for a COMPLETE re-do). In the process, I brought out (& some of my oldest bikes I haven't seen in that time! Doing inventory of engines, frames, gasket kits etc. has renewed my enthusiasm! I am now in the planning stages of which project will be the 1st. 2021 WILL be an awesome year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pit Crew

After it had not run for perhaps 35 years and a 5+ year restoration project, my long-lost 1966 Corvair Corsa convertible got its engine installed, and I got to drive it for a short distance before going back to the work of finishing it.  At the moment, it is getting its new convertible top installed.  When it's done in the next few months, it will be a stunner.

New Driver

In June I received an invite to join a group (who I didn't know) for a cruise through the mountains of northern New Mexico. I drove my 1973 Citroen SM to Santa Fe to join up and was surprised to see about a dozen Porsches, a Ferrari, 2 Lotus,  a Corvette C7 Z06, a Challenger, and a couple of other high-performance cars. The Citroen was the oldest car there; several drivers told me I was being pretty brave.  Anyway, I was determined not to be the guy that slowed everyone else down. We drove north from Santa Fe & hit the back roads (speed limits were optional). I really put the Maserati engine to the test and drove the car hard along the narrow, twisting road. Proud to say I not only kept up, I actually lost one of the Porsches (the driver said he couldn't catch up to me). The car ran flawlessly and I think the other guys & gals were impressed that it did so well. We ended up at one of the driver's private collection: Mercedes Gullwing, Lancia Zagato, 2 Aston Martins, '62 Lincoln Continental Convertible, Porsche, and more. Great day of driving and camaraderie.